I Have the POWER—Power Pooches!


Dogs are naturally gifted with the power of scent as they have about 200 million scent receptors while we human have only 5 million. Their brain is dominated by the sense of smell that enables them to be trained into a lot of activities. A recent study shows that our canines can detect malaria, particularly among children, by just sniffing their socks. They can also sniff out certain cancers, such as prostate and skin, because their nose is sensitive to metabolic waste released by cancerous cells at an early stage. They can also help in detecting other diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes, and identifying people at risk of diabetic coma.
Their sniffing excellence also includes sniffing drugs, bombs and explosives, missing people and avalanche (they can smell people who are trapped beneath 15 feet of snow). Sniffer dogs are used in onsite tracing of victims at mishap or accident sites. In fact, the list is endless when it comes to counting how the canine nose can help humans. Sparkle’s sense of smell would be hilarious when there were momos lying and he was branded as Momo Thief! Also, he would be the first to sniff my anger and run!
Dogs can hear 10 times sharper than us. Hence dogs get scared of loud sounds—firecrackers, thunderstorms, etc. Festivals to our furry friends are a lot of stress. One incident I remember is Sparkle’s first Diwali when he was just two-and-a-half months old. Tired and exhausted by all the noise, he snuggled his nose and ears into a shoe and slept. The next year was even a nightmare as he would scamper from room to room like a rocket. In all of this we were trying to calm him and drown the noise and most of all be with him. The incidents of pets getting hurt & running away from home during festivals is also high. Being sensitive to their needs, care, precautions is most important as prevention is always better than cure!
Take care of the pariah dogs in your locality with food, bedding, water, etc. Here you have to be careful and work with an organisation/your vet to ensure the strays in your locality are vaccinated for Rabies.
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Love is always Sparkling! So wishing & hoping together with your furry buddies – you have celebrated safely and are ready for more magic, cheer & celebrations.