Robin and Aashna are BFF


Robin, a German Spitz, is 13 years old and elder to my granddaughter Aashna by 5 years. He takes no opportunity lost to express his feeling that Aashna is his BFF (Best Friend Forever). Both drool upon each other to such an extent that no one can intervene when they are together. My son Col Yashdeep Sinha is these days posted at Thiruvananthapuram while we are at Ghaziabad with Robin. Telephonic call of Aashna is put attached to the ear of Robin. Expressions on his face are worth watching. On hearing Aashna’s voices, Robin is in frenzy with eyes gleaming. Whenever they meet, they love to play with each other.
As a matter of fact, Robin is a divine gift to us. We decided to adopt because my daughter-in-law Priyanka is well versed in parenting of dogs and she guided us. One evening while waving to my son and daughter-in-law, with Robin in my arms, very eager to accompany them he jumped and his misguided jump took him down to the adjacent five storey shaft. Miraculously, he survived and is healthy altogether.
–Rajiv Sinha, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad