Dexter holds a special place in Debina’s heart


Meeet Debina Bonnerjee, a leading TV actress who made her debut as Sita back in 2008 in the famous TV series – Ramayana. Ever since she has done a variety of roles and took part in reality shows like Nach Baliye 6, Khatron Ke Khiladi (Season 5) and Jhalak Dikhla Jaa (Season 5). Along with her husband Gurmeet Chaudhary, the couple live with their awwdorable pet Dexter and Lucky. Find out more about the cute relation between Debina and Dexter.
It all started with Alpha
I’ve grown up around pets during childhood, but they weren’t mine. The earliest memories are those when a neighbour had left their pet at our place when on a vacation; when they returned I didn’t want to give their pet back, but of course had to. Seeing my love and attachment, my father got me a Boxer – Alpha who became my best buddy and companion.
My love for Dexter
When I moved to Mumbai, I got Dexter (Boxer). Ironically Alpha and Dexter look like identical twins and I felt that Alpha is back in my life. That’s how Dexter became our second pet. We also have an adopted pet – Lucky.

A special place in our heart for Dexter
Dexter holds a special place in my heart. He came in my life when he was 25 days old. For him I was his mother, and Gurmeet became the dotting dad. Gurmeet is equally compassionate about pooches and we consider ourselves blessed to have the love of Dexter and Lucky in our life. We told him that our house is your house and you’re safe here! Dexter is not a dog, but more of a human.
His first day at home
I remember the first day when Dexter came to our house, he didn’t even walk. First day was all about sleeping and quacking. I hugged him and kept him close to my chest, covered with my arm. He went to sleep on me and that’s one of the most heartwarming memories.
Master of expressions and cuteness!
Whatever he does is cute, because he has a funny face. Boxers are famous for making funny faces and Dexter has different expressions. I can understand when he’s blank, that naughtiness in his eyes, or whether he’s disinterested. His face tells me what’s going on in his mind. So, with Dexter I can become a dog mind reader.
Most annoying habit
His most annoying habit is when he feels cold at night; he comes and stands in front of me next to the bed. Will keep standing there until I get up, and the moment I get up he goes back to his bed to make me understand he’s feeling cold. I pick up the blanket and cover him up!
Then again at night, he’ll toss and turn and throw away the blanket! And wake me up again. This usually happens 3-4 times during the night. Dexter loves to share his bed and home; in fact, it’s Lucky who gets jealous.
Best way to spend time with your pets
I spend time cuddling! There’s special cuddle time of 10 minutes before going to bed and after waking up. We spend time at home on my off days and sometimes go to pet friendly restaurants. Although Dexter enjoys outings, it gets exhausting because of meeting all the other dogs. And after returning home, it’s siesta time for him. I have never taken him out for a vacation because I know dogs are kept in cargo while flying and I don’t want my babies to be tortured that way.
Taking care of his diet and exercise
Exercise is very important. Dexter enjoys a swim, goes for a walk twice a day, and also plays. All this is done in consultation with his vet. Dexter doesn’t like treats. He is a fuss free eater, just enjoys his food. But chicken is his favourite. Since he has a weak stomach, he tends to get indigestion every time he eats chicken. We avoid giving chicken to Dexter, but some days he really relishes it.
Tips on happy pet parenting
Take care of them. Clean their food and water bowls every day. Take care of their appetite, as change in appetite is one of the first signs to show any disease or illness. You need to understand them like babies, because they cannot speak or even cry. Be prepared for their endless love and affection with just a little care that you provide.