Bon Voyage with Trippy Singhs!


Meet Vikram Singh and his awwwdorable pets – Scotty Singh and Spicy Singh, who’ve been travelling together and setting pet parenting goals! Vikram Singh is all set to release a web series called The Trippy Singhs where he documents travel tales with his pets. He plans to have 10 episodes in the first season and has already shot some trailers and teasers.
The first season of The Trippy Singhs is going to be dedicated to the mystical mountains of Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. And you’d be amazed to know that all this is a one man show; Vikram being the dog handler, cameraman, actor, and production in-charge! Find out more about Vikram, his ambitious and exciting project, and his experiences.
My experience is complete when I share my travel with Scotty & Spicy
Travelling being an integral part, my pets have been an extension of the experience, turning every encounter into something more real than I could have done on my own. Nature is unexpected, has been a consistent mystery to me, turning me into a seeker, wanderer, questioner and student. In my experience the wonders of discovery have only been felt when I shared it with my other halves—Scotty and Spicy. Exploration has a lot to do with finding oneself, especially when stuck on top of a mountain without a map, with Scotty and Spicy.
Pet-friendly motels for sure
I have travelled all across India with the east still calling my name. Mostly places those are enticing for road trips and with plush greenery. I look for pet friendly motels on the way or sometimes just do outdoor camping in the wilderness while shooting.
The Trippy Singhs is all about travelling with your best friend
The key highlight is to showcase that travelling with your best friends (in this case canine friends) can only make the journey all the more spectacular. All you need to do is love and understand your furry mates really well. The web series is my way of creating a platform where people can learn, gain information, be inspired or simply watch and enjoy an intriguing journey that transcends the bonds of friendship. It is intended to be a journey that hopefully evokes unconditional love, the thirst for travel, adventure and last but not the least, experience true humility from everything we discover. It is a true emotional experience. It is a symbolic journey of three friends, which ends up being so much more when the viewer gets involved. Life is a journey of self discovery, and the three of us encourage our viewers to be part of this journey!
Boundless appetite for adventure
In my opinion, having a pet is a unique privilege and has to be treated as such. Pets are extremely sentient and compassionate beings, capable of sustaining a love and friendship far greater than humans can comprehend. It is in this sprit that I have always travelled with Scotty and Spicy, enjoying their boundless appetite for adventure, and never ever having to feel alone.
Be safe while exploring

  •  Harnesses and seatbelts are a must to avoid accidents
  •  Feeding your pets very lightly a couple of hours before you leave, along with giving them a small amount of water. This ensures your pet is comfortable and not dehydrated or suffering from a lack of nutrition while minimising the chance they will get sick from the anxiety of travelling.
  •  Periodic water stops and an occasional non-greasy or meat-free snack should keep them satisfied for the duration of the journey. In the event of a very long drive, another light meal may be considered.
  • Pamper your pets in case they feel agitated. Enough ventilation in the car is a must.

Memorable experiences
One of my most unforgettable experiences was when Scotty, Spicy and me truly came together as a family. This happened on a trip to a Cauvery fishing camp and it was Spicy’s first trip as a 45 days old puppy. Spicy was young, reckless and adored the water. Scotty on the other hand was 3 years older than her, and a travel veteran. What took place that afternoon was a plethora of emotions ranging from excitement to protectiveness when Scotty and Spicy were truly connected we also discovered Spicy is a complete water baby!
We were coming back from one of the outdoor shoots last year during December. My car met with a minor accident next to Dam Lake near Mysore. I was all shaken up when it happened but my pets were steady as rock. My pets calmed me down as if they were saying accidents are bound to happen but that doesn’t mean you stop moving forward.
What’s travel without some ‘almost catastrophes’!
Spicy Singh
(Female Boxer)
High-spirited, lovingly ferocious and rebellious Boxer admired by all her male counterparts. Supreme attention seeker like all other Alfa females, she is an epitomy of a hyperactive puppy.
Scotty Singh
(Male Boxer)
Calmly charming, Scotty is non-confrontational nature that makes him a hit at all gatherings two or four legged. He is not very demanding by nature but can capture your heart just with his handsome looks.
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