Magical & Miracle—Twogether


When life & magic meet, it’s a Miracle. Our four-legged friends are pure magic and Sparkle our lives with joy each and every second. Whenever you want to feel happy, go meet a fur friend, look into their eyes and you know the meaning of true happiness. Touch, Tenderness, Tone, Talk all are very important to them— one thing they most want is to be TWOgether.
It is super awesome that there are so many pet friendly resorts where one can travel with pets. One such resort where pets are welcome with a pet play area and a pet dining area is Lemon Tree Hotel, Tarudhan Valley, surrounded by beautiful fields of mustard, a sprawling resort, adjacent to an international standard golf course. Truly, a place where peace, tranquillity and contentment meet…it is awesome to share this with your darling paws. The rustle of the wind, sound of sprinklers & the mustard fields adds to the beauty…. this place is simply pawfect with your fur friends. For the new age pet parent there are only reasons of being TWOgether. I wish Sparkle was here I could have walked down this road and see him enjoy the smells and sound. To walk and share beauty together is most priceless of all feelings. Its peace and contentment!
With Valentine’s Day approaching, I think I am missing my furever friend. I remember I used to always call Sparkle the “heart beat” of my heart. So bear with me—I think I am wearing my rose coloured sun shades, this is for you Sparkle—for the sunshine, magic, miracles and smiles you gave me—“When I look at you, I see love”, “Your eyes & the dots on your nose, always will melt my heart, each and every time I look at your picture!” He was and always will be my little miracle and magical paws—isn’t that true for all of us? The way they give love is unconditional and make us feel so special. They all have only one thing to give—that is pure love. He gives what he has got! Isn’t that true?
Our home recently welcomed Kevin the Apso…We all were in giggles & laughter thanks to his antics, he pranced like a snappy lamb after my son Suhaan. The only thing we felt was happiness and contentment. We do look forward to Kevin coming home, with him came sunshine and warmth and our home became a happy and welcoming zone.
Here’s to a fabulous new year. We look forward to new beginnings… with renewed hopes and dreams. Do Love, Do Live, Do Laugh – to life & happiness and so much more. Wishing the Sun Shines & Sparkles on you each and every moment.
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