Cheers to Charismatic Chihuahua!


If dogs were music genres, then Chihuahuas would surely be Jazz. If dogs were musicians, then Kiwi was Michael Jackson – simply enigmatic. If dogs were books, then he was Harry Potter – simply magical.

Apple of our eyes
I will never forget the day I laid eyes on the most precious miniature Chihuahua at a pet shop in Janakpuri, New Delhi. He exuded love and invited adoration. Never again will I have a pet like my Kiwi, who we all lovingly called Cheeks. All dogs are beautiful, amazing creatures. Hence it wouldn’t be fair to say that Kiwi was the most beautiful dog in the world. Let’s just say, in my world he really was. A complete angel with large, round oggly eyes, a red-brown nose, and silky soft white fur, complete with a heart-shaped red patch on his abdomen, my, he was the apple of our eyes. People often think of Chihuahuas as ‘handbag dog’ or ‘pocket dog’. The only thing ‘pocket’ about this breed is that they are a pocket full of sunshine. The only thing ‘cup sized’ about their physique is that they are a cup of warmth. The only ‘bag’ thing about them is that they are a bag full of surprises! Originally of Mexican descent, these boisterous, self-assured creatures were named after a town. They aren’t supposed to be as small as they are shown to be in certain pictures and videos online. All this is a result of inbreeding and genetic mutation.
Portrait of Kiwi by Tazmeen
My eternal love for Kiwi
I think the ‘Chi’ in ‘Chihuahua’ is because they will not just be your pet— they will be your CHILD. Kiwi certainly was my beloved child, baby, whatever you may call! I opted for a Chihuahua because I like to travel a lot and I wanted my pet to travel with me. But it took me less than 36 hours to fall completely, irrevocably, and maybe obsessively in love with this little real-life furry heating pad pixie. I called him Cheeks lovingly because he had a mustard coloured spot with two thick hairs poking out of it on each cheek. His snow-white whiskers reminded me of little dew drops. Kiwi shone and appeared a little pink in the sunlight. He was the light of my life. After he was diagnosed with genetic epilepsy as a result of inbreeding (something I was not aware of initially) I told him everyday how precious, generous, and gorgeous he was.  Dear pet parents, tell your pets every day how much they mean to you. They can’t talk but they can definitely listen and understand. I told Kiwi every day how bubble gum pink his little tongue was, how captivating his hazel eyes were, how tender he was to touch, and how sharp his perfect little teeth were! His illness made him even more beautiful and more precious than ever. While others commented on his deteriorating paws and food-smeared face, I truly believed that he was a piece of art created by God, custom-made for me, as all our dogs are for us.
Kiwi taught me the real meaning of life
A lesser known fact is that Chihuahuas like to sing or hoot or howl even. Whenever I played some music, Kiwi would look right up to the sky, close his eyes, curve his lips into a neat little oval shape and try to sing along in howls. He cried when I cried, laughed when I laughed, slept when I slept, and waited by the door while I was gone. And as of today, I am waiting by his little bed, and here I shall wait forever, until we meet again, which I am sure we will one day. If there is anything a dog will teach you it is hope and positivity. Or as we at Dogs & Pups say PAWSITIVITY. I like to believe that when a dog or any pet for that matter passes away, he or she is simply taking on our troubles. They act like shields in troubled times, blankets during cold, and comfort in times of distress.
Immortalising love for Kiwi
Kiwi my love – you will never be forgotten, I owe you so much. The least I can do for my beloved dog is to immortalise him through my words and through art, paintings, and photographs. Memories can be erased but the written word cannot. Cheeky ‘Cheeks’ the red-nosed Chihuahua, you’ll go down in history! There is so much said about how well a dog loves his master or his parent; but now let’s talk and think about how much we love our pets, how we love them, and how loyal we are to them. Let’s not see what our dogs can do for us, rather think what we can do for them. Instead of teaching them tricks, let’s allow these wonderful creatures to teach us life lessons. It’s time to turn tables and become a dog’s best friend.