6 sensational breeds of all times


Ravishing Lhasa Apso
Flowing tresses, beautiful expressive eyes…Lhasa Apso has everything a poet wants.

  1. Small but sturdy: A Lhasa Apso is a small sized dog but is quite sturdy for his size.
  2. Beautiful mane: His dense coat is straight and long. Most popular colours are gold, cream and honey, though multi-colours of brown, grey and black are also found.
  3. Devoted to pet parent: They are friendly but assertive and are affectionate towards their pet parent. They love to obey and please them.
  4. Good watchdog: Don’t go by their size as their keen sense of hearing makes them good watch dogs.
  5. Do well in apartments: They are quite active indoors and are suitable for apartments.
  6. Daily walk and play: They love to walk and play.

(Featured in D&P July-Aug 06 issue)

Cocker Spaniels: a joy breed!
Sensitive and demure, that’s how a Cocker Spaniel is. He is suitable as both a gundog and a pet.

  1. Hair so silky: Cockers have beautiful hair, their silky coat is flat or wavy.
  2. Suitable for all: They are awesome as family pets and also as gundogs. They are gentle with children and elders. They also do well with other pets.
  3. Good with neighbours: They will rarely bark at neighbours and disturb them.
  4. Sweet disposition: They are sweet, gentle and obedient; they are so cheerful that they are a joy to be around.
  5. Good for apartment life: They are quite active indoors and can live in an apartment, given their daily dose of exercise.
  6. Easy maintenance: Their shining coat rules out the myth that long-haired dogs shed a lot of hair. Simply brush and comb to remove dead hair and keep their coats shining all the times.

(Featured in D&P Mar-April 05 issue)

Golden Retrievers: Simply ‘golden’
Beautiful and generous – your best friend for life!

  1. So beautiful: The shiny coat of a Golden Retriever requires regular grooming. Their hair can be cream or golden colour.
  2. Charms to kill: Lovable, charming and intelligent – that’s how a Golden Retriever is.
  3. Easy to train: Love to please, so it is easy to train them for obedience training.
  4. Love to retrieve: They love to play ball and Frisbee.
  5. Adjust to apartment life: Given adequate amount of exercise, they are happy to live in an apartment.
  6. Good watchdogs: They keep strangers at bay.

(Featured in D&P July-Aug 04 issue)

My precious Pug
Good things come in small packages…like a Pug who is small but cute, his dark, melting eyes will make you forget your worries and his happy disposition will spread happiness all around.

  1. Small but muscular: A small dog, Pugs have a charming personality…they are short, muscular and have a shiny coat. And don’t forget their characteristic wrinkled face, which adds to their cute look.
  2. Love to please: They are extremely devoted to their pet parents and love to please them at all times.
  3. Social family dog: They are extremely social and are not a one-person dog.
  4. Daily cleaning: Regular brushing is necessary to remove their shedding hair. They do need daily cleaning of their facial wrinkles and cleaning of their eyes and ears on daily basis is also a must.
  5. Take care in extreme temperatures: Since they are short-nosed, they can become over-heated quickly. Also, they cannot withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures and so should be kept in a suitable temperature at all times.
  6. Exercise for fun and health: They love to play and sensible exercise routine is a must to keep them healthy, fit and fine.

(Featured in D&P May-Jun 05 issue)

Lovable Labs
The most docile, lovable and reliable natured dog – what more can you ask for?

  1. Strong n’ athletic: They are medium-sized dogs but strongly built and athletic.
  2. Weather-resistant coat: Their weather-resistant undercoat provides protection from water, cold, etc.
  3. Great family dogs: Loyal, loving, patient and affectionate – Labs go well with all family members and other pets.
  4. Easy to train: They can be easily trained and they love to please their family. But train them from puppyhood.
  5. Active dogs: An ideal pet for an active family, they love to exercise.
  6. Bathing beauties: They love to play with water and are good swimmers.

(Featured in D&P Sep-Oct 05 issue)

Royal German Shepherds
If you have never loved a GSD, you have missed one of life’s greatest pleasures.

  1. Sturdy looks: A German Shepherds is an epitome of strength and royalty.
  2. Loyalty at its best: Extremely lovable and loyal to their family, they can go to any extent to protect their human pack.
  3. People’s dog: They love human company and cannot live without them but they are wary of strangers.
  4. Trainable breed: They can be easily trained and it is important to train them from puppyhood to avoid aggression and behavioural problems at later stage.
  5. Highly intelligent: They are so intelligent that they can be trained as a police dog, dog for the blind, guard dog, etc.
  6. Exercise a must: They love to be active and need to be exercised regularly.

(Featured in D&P Nov-Dec 05 issue)