Wedding tale – tails of inspiration


LOVE is a strong word,
It’s felt strongly when given by voiceless.
They just shower their unconditional love, with licks and small nips.
In return they demand nothing,
Just U n Lil Time of U.
As a young girl, I always dreamt about my wedding day. The Big Fat Indian Wedding with lots of fun and festivity. I’m sure a lot of girls have a dream wedding in mind, the day when every girl wants to look like a princess.
The Four Loves of my life
Now, here I was with the second love of my life—Mr Arindam Das. You must be thinking who is the first love? My first love will always be my St Bernard ‘Velvet’. She was the inspiration behind opening Amore Pet Spa. She is the reason I got lucky two more times, and got third and fourth love of my life ‘Meetu’ (a rescued Indian Ring Neck Parrot) and Messi Das (a Shih-Tzu). Messi was a promissory wedding gift from Arindam instead of an engagement ring.
Love conquers all
Coming back to the wedding tale, Arindam & I were in love well over 10 years. But with time, I realised I’m not the same young girl. Now I am a woman with responsibilities, divided with religion, differences in society, etc. As a kid no one warns you about thing you need to remember before falling in love.
Arindam is Hindu and I am Muslim, our parents were against our marriage. But the thought of not being with him was so devastating. So we decided for a simple court marriage. But the young girl inside me was sad. This was the day I was waiting for but there’ll be no rituals or celebrations. We changed our mind, and thought of hosting a small wedding dinner for close friends.
Date, venue, food was finalised. Cards were to be sent. And all this was done by the two of us. I didn’t have anyone from my family, but I had Messi with me. She is family to me. I had a creative idea and thought of sending cards with Messi as the host.
This being done, the venue was a big challenge. We approached many hotels and resorts to have our reception party. We were denied. They were happy to have a wedding for handsome price, but didn’t want our furball as part of the celebrations. Every resort had a ‘NO PETS ALLOWED’ policy. But we wanted Messi to be a part of all our celebrations and couldn’t leave her behind.
After many requests one resort reverted back saying they would be happy to have our small family over. We set the date of 25th January 2019. We had a blast; we now have all the photos to cherish the day.
AriNaaz Paw Events
Messi Das is my new inspiration to our establishment. AriNaaZ Paw Events is a new venture based in Bangalore, which organises weddings, parties, photography services and much more, where you don’t have to worry about your furries as you can have them with you all the time. It’s a request to all pet parents; let your pets be your family. As pet parents we know our responsibilities. Let’s take one step at a time, whether it’s travelling with your pets or taking them out for socialising. You take a step and will surely see a change in the mindset of people!
(Almas Arindam Das runs Amore Pet Spa in Bangalore, which provides pet grooming services and others including pet accessories.)