Your Dog is Talking to You Are You Listening?


Josh Coen
All animals use telepathic language to communicate. That’s right, you can learn a lot from the way your pet communicates.
It’s no coincidence that your pet is waiting for you at the door when you get home, or knows just the perfect moment to nuzzle you out of bad mood. And how can we overlook bath time? No matter how stealthily you get to him, your furry pal seems to have received a secret memo and is already in hiding. Dogs use their intuitive skills to sense, interpret, and communicate with the world. It’s simply an innate way of reading the pictures, messages, and energy everyone sends out automatically — and responding to them. So, even though you try your best to act like you aren’t up to anything unusual, your pet picks up signs.
Is it their sixth sense?
Some call this skill the sixth sense or psychic ability. Telepathic communication is an equally fitting descriptor. Humans have this ability, but a lot of us suppress it. Those who haven’t are said to be ‘gifted’. But in reality, we all have this gift. And these days, more and more people are reconnecting with it, enabling them not only to hear what their pets are saying to them, but to answer them.
So how do you start? You already have — with awareness. Knowing that this is possible opens you up to begin noticing more about your pet and help to strengthen the connection.
5 Ways to understand what your pet is trying to communicate
1: Start talking with your pet like you would with a person
Whether it’s out loud or in your head, converse with him intelligently and assume he knows what you are saying. For example, when I have to leave the house without my pet, I explain to him where I’m going, how long I’ll take, and why I can’t take him. Instead of whining or being anxious about being without me, he calmly heads to my bed and naps there until I get back. He may not have understood every word I said, but he translated the pictures my mind automatically formulated as I spoke.
2: Nurture a quieter mind
You have a much better chance of hearing your pet when the noise of the world or your busy life isn’t a hurdle. It’s like meditation, when you sit with your pet and take out some quiet time to understand each other’s feelings. Be present. Be there fully — just like your furry friend is doing!
3: Monitor your energy
Everything in the universe is made of energy, including your emotions, actions, and thoughts. Animals are masters at reading this energy. Start being aware of your thoughts and actions around your pet. He may not want to connect with you if your mind is filled with chaos from your stressful day or if you are in a cranky mood. Before trying to communicate, be someone you would want to talk with. Perhaps someone who is calm, peaceful, and loving! On the other hand, he may see your stressed state as a challenge and try to steer you away from it through playfulness or some other distraction.
4: Use your imagination
As you move through your day and come across animals in your life, talk to them, either through thoughts or voice. Then wait for the reply. It might sound weird, but try making up a reply. Imagine what they would answer back. Using your imagination acclimates your mind to this kind of communication. It allows your internal defense system to relax, so that you are more likely to start hearing real conversations.
5: Adjust your expectations
When the time is right and you find a method that works for you, you will learn to communicate with your pet. It may not be in the same way or at the same pace as others, because you have your own unique specialties and processes. If it doesn’t work at first, you aren’t a failure; you’re simply on your own path. When you’re ready to learn more about telepathic animal communication, there are many books, online courses, YouTube videos, and practice opportunities just a click away. Maybe you’ll be able to learn a few things before next bath time!
(Josh Coen is an always-learning animal communicator who created the free website Speak! Good Human to give other learners an easy, safe space to practice their innate intuitive and telepathic skills).