Love at first sight – Leo & Dhvani


Leo & Dhvani
Singer Dhvani Bhanushali, the lady with the golden voice, has garnered a cumulative number of one billion views on YouTube in six months. She delivered two big hits last year—her first solo Leja Re and Dilbar (Satyameva Jayate). Following the success of these songs and her collaboration with Guru Randhava for Ishare Tere, 20-year-old Dhvani recently launched her new solo original Main Teri Hoon. After all, she is an ardent pet lover.
Love at first sight
When asked about her first pet in her childhood, Dhvani Bhanushali recalls that it was a turtle. “I have had a turtle, two love birds and now Leo, a Golden Retriever,” she shares. Telling about her favourite among them, she emphasises her love for everyone, but she says Leo is her favourite. Mentioning a special incident with Leo, she narrates, “The day we brought home Leo he was just a cute little 45 days old pup. He had stolen my heart since the day we first met. The moment will always be special and remembered.”
Special antics
Regarding special antics of Leo, Dhvani says he has weird habit of running away with her clothes and tears them. “Not sure if that’s something I should be cherishing though,” she says (laughing). The way she spends time with Leo, she shares, “We keep running behind each other at home. He is always trying to get my attention somehow, we go for walks and I take him to the park.”
The cuddly Leo
What Dhvani loves the most about Leo is his eyes and the fact that he is so cuddly. “I can cuddle him all day long,” she mentions. Similarly, what Leo loves about Dhvani is her attention as he always tries to get her to run behind him and give him back & belly rubs.
Exercise & nutrition needs
Dhvani takes care of Leo’s exercise and nutrition needs. “I buy good quality pet food and make sure to take him on walks regularly. He is always running around so that I’m sure he is fit,” she mentions, adding that Leo’s favourite dish contains carrots, banana and chewy treats.
An advice to pet parents
Dhvani would like to share a tip with pet parents on responsible pet parenting, grooming and feeding. “Enjoy every moment with your pet. They teach us so much—patience, affection and unconditional love,” she advices.
Favourite activity together: Chasing each other around the house.
• Annoying habits: He destroys everything.
• Qualities you love: He’s very caring. He’ll never let me or anyone at home feel alone.
Today, Dhvani’s Ishare Tere is amongst the Top 10 music videos on YouTube, garnered 290,724,729 views. She continues to try different musical platforms. She has also performed Hungama Spotlight Rising Star and MTV Unplugged where she performed Naina (Khoobsurat). Some of the popular songs of Dhvani are Laila, Dilbar, Leja Re, Main Teri Hoon & Duniyaa.