PETCART Nest: An eco-friendly abode for your furry friends


Shekhar Gaonkar
PETCART Nest is an exquisite luxury eco-friendly pet resort developed after intensive research of more than two years with pet parents, practicing veterinarians and industry experts. The aim is to provide the most sought after pet resort in the country. The resort is located in Bangalore.
Right from check-in to check-out, we have detailed process which ensures our guests are taken care completely. Our resort is built with the theme of ‘home away from home’ so that pets don’t miss the liveliness and love of their pet parents.
Main features of the resort
A grand reception area of 2000 sq ft is designed with natural material to bring both pets and pet parents close to nature. Our pet-friendly receptionist will assist your pet with all the requirements and to make their time at the resort comfortable.
Pet-friendly environment
All the pets are debugged for fleas and ticks once they enter the resort. Further a regular anti-flea & tick chemicals are spread across the resort to maintain the entire resort as flea and tick free environment.
Space that allows your pet to be carefree
PETCART Nest is an architecturally designed pet resort using pet-friendly materials spread across in two acres of land to provide complete space that your pet requires. Animals are naturally active and some breeds tend to be hyper active. Having sufficient space for all boarded pets makes their stay more enjoyable. They can run and play around in a carefree manner. We have two large sized play areas.
Blossoming atmosphere
We have large huts measuring 60 sq ft built with bamboo. The best part about these huts is that they don’t look like cages. There are a total of 70 such special huts that ensure your pet has sufficient space to relax. The boarding area as well as the entire resort is designed to make use of natural light and natural air to the best possible extent. The sheets used for roof are coated with special layer that keeps the place cool ever in peak summer.
Swimming pool
The swimming pool at our resort is designed in a way that all breeds, despite their size can enjoy. The depth starts from as low as ½ feet and tapers down up to four feet. There is also a designated shower area and blower to dry your furry buddies, post their dip. The water is regularly treated and circulated with pumps to maintain the pH balance and hygiene.
24X7 vet available
Round the clock duty veterinarian will be available to make sure that the resort is capable of handling any type of emergency. Apart from that our staff is present for any assistance around the clock, if required.
Complete vigilance
When you leave your pet at a boarding facility, you leave a part of your heart with them. The resort is completely under surveillance and is monitored round the clock for the safety and security of your beloved pet.
Hygiene is top priority
PETCART Nest believes and practices 100 percent hygiene; all the utensils used for the pets are cleaned and then re-washed in the dishwasher under high temperature to ensure highest level of hygiene.
Amazing privileges
PETCART Nest offers privilege membership through our premium programme, ‘Tails Club Membership’. The membership will have the privilege of reserving huts for your pet with free boarding, free pick-up and drop facility, free unlimited access to swimming pool, free health check-up, premium delivery on e-store, free access to all events at PetCart Nest.
Connect with your pet
PETCART Nest introduces a new convenience for the pet parents. Our ‘CHAT ROOM’ feature allows pet parents to chat with their beloved pets while they are boarding with us. You can stay connected even being miles apart.
Grooming is a vital part of the overall well being and health of your pet. We have a dedicated Pet Grooming Centre to pamper your beloved pet.
Fun activities
Enjoying fun activities together not only strengthens the bond between you and your pet, but also provides physical and mental stimulation. PETCART provides great opportunities to indulge in adventures with your beloved. ‘CAMP WITH YOUR PET’ where you can have an adventure night out with your pet.
Pet training involves training and behaviour analysis which uses the environmental events of antecedents and consequences to modify your pet’s behaviour. We will soon be introducing a ‘PET TRAINING’ facility that would definitely make your pet your pride.
How do you think pets will benefit?
Pets can come with their parents to unwind and spend stress free quality time at our resort. Whether it is chilling in the pool or enjoying in the open play area, it is indeed a wonderful experience for pets and pet parents to strengthen their bond. We at PETCART Nest are aiming to create a happy pet world with our offerings. PetCart Nest is an exquisite pet resort and every aspect of our resort is unique in its own way apart from the scale and size.
What was the thought behind starting the resort?
India is one of the fastest growing pet industries in the world. Every year close to 6 lac pet adoptions are happening. Steady increase of pet adoption and limited stress free avenues available for pets and pet parents together is the motivation behind PetCart Nest. Also there are a lot of pet lovers who want and spend time with pets before taking in to pet parenthood. Visiting our resort can give them glimpses of how a pet parent’s life is. When people travel for work or leisure, they look for a place where they can leave their pets and be tension free. It is important that the resort understands your pet’s needs, that’s why we’ve launched a one of its kind luxury resort for pets.
(Shekhar Gaonkar is CEO and co-founder of PETCART Nest)
Feedbacks from pet parents
Shekhar, Nilendu and team have been amazing to manage PETCART Nest with utmost hygiene and ensure our pets are taken care in the best possible way. I drove 27 km to board my dog Husky. It is like leaving your pet in responsible hands and you know they’ll take good care. More than passion it is about their commitment and compassion in taking care of the pets. They ensure video calls or pictures are sent on a daily basis based on our request … Shekhar, Nilendu, thank you so much for creating a wonderful atmosphere which made my pet feel so comfortable. All the best and you guys are more than commendable.
–Sudhindra Venkatarao – Pet Parent of Mansion
PETCART Nest is the Best Pet Resort you can ever find in Bangalore. The place is really beautiful and your pets are going to love the play area. I had left my two Huskies for boarding for about a week. They had a really good time. It felt like home. Really good care was taken. Mr Shekhar is an amazing person. He runs the place really well. PETCART Nest is a great place if you ever want to take your pets to a resort.
–Amogh Anand – Pet Parent of Aries & Zeus
The clean and tastefully designed resort has a very friendly and polite staff. The caregivers are gentle and sensitive to individual needs of the pets housed. We would certainly recommend PETCART Nest to pet parents.
–Rama Natarajan – Pet Parent of Dino