Paws & Pawsitivity


Attention and Affection is most important, what love you give your pet as a Dog Mom, you get it back a million times more in return. Best investment ever I would say—which always comes with so much responsibility, to take care of LIFE in the Right manner. It’s very heartening to see the bond people share with their pets in our magazine and on social media pages we have noticed pictures and videos which show the connect, be it birthday celebrations, inaugurating a scooter, crooning songs… the list is endless. Pets do bring out the best affectionate side in us too—the paws definitely get pawsitivity.
Recently, while on a walk I noticed a dog tied to the gate next to the guard—a Labrador who looked extremely at unease and thirsty in the hot May sun. I enquired and got to know that the dog had been left by the person walking the dog. The pet was very restless and uncomfortable. But somehow this is a common sight. Very few times do I see a pet parent walking the dog, the domestic help most of the time is assigned this task. Actually, walking the dog is a ritual, a bond and energy shared. Over a period of time you notice you don’t enjoy your walks but you love your walks, because they are with your canine darling! Something which I would encourage every pet parent to do walk your dog!.
A sad trend is that there is 20 percent increase in number of pedigree dogs being abandoned by their pet parents. It has been reported from an animal hospital in Mumbai, which has a facility taking care of abandoned animals. Most of the abandoned pet dogs are exotic breeds. Every one of us must take part in the mission to curb this sad trend.
Dog or cat! Who is smarter? My answer is both are precious to us. But the fact is that a dog has 530m neurons and cat has 250m neurons. These neurons calculate behaviour, hence giving the pooches an upper hand in the grey matter! Revealing how dogs are connected with people, a latest study claims that dogs use different parts of their brain to process negative and positive emotions reflected on human face. It shows that canine brain can pick up on emotional cues contained in a person’s voice, body odour and posture. The study also says the heart rate of our furry friends goes up when they see someone who is having a bad day.
Dogs cannot see you sad or unhappy. They will try to do something to make you feel better. It further states that dogs also get stressed when they see you sad. Sparkle always curled up to me when I was sad and Teddy, a Spitz I had earlier, climbed the chair and then on the table to lick my tears away! They sure know how to make a sad heart shine and sparkle again.
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