Where there’s a WILL there’s a WAY… Meet Krushh—a Fighter & a Survivor!


They say you give a dog a LIFE; but in our case, it has been quite the opposite—Krushh is our LIFE, he is the spark of Kathpalia House and the only brother to three sisters. Yes! Brother who cares, who is there before anyone else, who doesn’t expect any favour in return, who is a giver. Krushh is all of that. Be it his sister’s wedding or Raksha Bandhan every year, Krushh has been right besides us all the time
Our little boy Krushh has not just loved us more than anybody ever could, but taught us more than anybody ever could. Being a white Labrador, he’s all things adorable. A total charmer, his eyes would almost hypnotize you to fall in love with him. But there’s more to him than just that. His spirit! He was hardly 43 days old when we met him for the first time, but we knew he would complete our happy family. He became a part of our lives sooner than we expected.
Shivering limbs
One day we noticed a problem with him—his hind limbs were shivering. He would take a step forward and something unusual would stop him from moving ahead. He would walk, look back and try again. He would turn again and look back at his legs as if trying to figure something out. We realised something was wrong. I still remember how we panicked and rushed him to the vet without a minute delay. We were asked to get some x-rays and tests done, but there was no history of his growing problem.
Condition deteriorated
After a few days, Krushh just couldn’t get up. Though his front legs supported, his back didn’t show any signs of movement. He couldn’t stand at all. He would just slide around the house without realising that he couldn’t walk anymore. He would drag his body and make all efforts, but nothing helped.
Disheartened & disappointed
That’s not the life that was written for Krushh. We spent sleepless nights watching him try and lose strength. As a family, it was ripping us apart to see our boy who used to run, jump and do ‘the happy dance’ seeing us home, now turned so helpless. Two to three months passed by running from one vet to another finding out not just a cure but the cause of his condition, which day by day was just deteriorating. Not being able to help him left us disheartened, disappointed, grieved and frustrated. We thought we were losing him.
Put him to sleep?
He wouldn’t get up; he wouldn’t look at us with those charming eyes. Krushh by then had compromised on his liver and kidneys due to all the treatments. He became too weak. We used to pick him up and take him to places. We were suggested by many and almost all to let him go and put him to sleep only if our hearts could allow. Those eyes which gazed at us and said “I’m okay and I’ll be fine. You aren’t leaving me right?” How could we decide to shut them off? It was a tough decision because seeing him in pain broke our hearts. But putting him to sleep was never an option, but a choice. And we were not ready to choose for his life.
Ray of hope
We waited for some miracle to happen when one fine day we came across his vet, Dr Vishal. That one voice that gave us our hopes back again. It wasn’t a promise, not even a surety, it was just that ray of hope that all struggling pet parents need. From Krushh’s history to what he had become today, Dr Vishal checked everything in and out. Though there wasn’t much he could try now but he wanted to give it a chance. This fighter gave us the strength. So, we decided not to GIVE UP. Without any second thoughts, we began on this journey to ‘Live and Let Live’ – for it is the almighty who has given us this life and his too.
Blessing in disguise
We began the treatment again but this time it wasn’t aimed to make him walk, but to make him survive. And I realised that was exactly what we were supposed to do all this while. In just a matter of days, Krushh started recovering. His liver and kidneys revived. He started taking small meals again. His activity level increased and gradually he got fine over a few months. But the sad part is that he got permanently paralysed. But that was a blessing in disguise because making him survive was all that mattered at that time. It’s because I have witnessed those days, I can assure you one thing – a pet would never like to leave the world when in pain.
Happy dog again
Today, Krushh is still that adorable child. Though he’s just like any other boy you would come across, but he’s still special. He’s specially-abled and that’s what makes you love him more. He never looked back, he never remembered he could walk and nothing changed him from being a happy dog! He never gave up.
An inspiration
He had turned 8 years this January and has been awarded twice for being an inspirational dog. And well, we won’t deny. He is extremely pampered, loved and he is a tantrum-thrower. He would make friends with you in just a wink. He loves his life, he loves his food, and he loves his family and is still unaware that he is a SPECIAL CHILD—Krushh, a fighter & a survivor!