My Reason to Return Home—My Shadow!


Meet Mishti Chakraborty, an Indian film actress. She’s a popular name in Tollywood and made her Bollywood debut in Subhash Ghai’s movie Kaanchi. Mishti talks about her experience with her pets and how important it is that we all practice responsible pet parenting.
Growing up with pets all around making her childhood happier

Yes, I have always had pets. My first pet was a white Pomeranian named Rocky, and I remember we grew up together. It was so much fun. I had numerous pets actually. I’ve had rabbits, guinea pigs, and even birds. Our pet dog and guinea pig used to play together and it was pure joy to watch them. I don’t like the idea of caging birds, but we had them for a really short time in our house. I also had a fish aquarium and we had so many types of fish. I have to admit, the aquarium was maintained by my mother. I like pets who I can communicate with; that’s why I prefer having cats or dogs. In fact, I shared a close bond with my rabbits.
All my pets are my favourites
It’s so difficult to choose between your pets. They’re all a part of your heart and all of them have been my favourite. Although it is true that I loved some of my pets a tad bit extra than others. We had a dog named Booti in our neighborhood. She was a rare crossbreed of Alsatian and Pomeranian. I used to love playing with her, so I think I loved her the most.
Shadow’s first flight – a scary yet memorable experience
I remember first time Shadow, my Pomeranian & Spitz mix dog, flew with my mother. I had already shifted to Mumbai and Shadow and mom were in Kolkata. The first time she was flying she was put in a carrier that you have to carry in the flight. Shadow was so nervous, she was barking so much. And my mother was more anxious. She kept telling the air hostesses to keep the A/C on in the cargo section. That first journey in the crate was nothing less than a nightmare for both my mother and Shadow. Thankfully, they reached safely.
Spend time with your pets. They’re with us for such a short time span
The best time is when you bond with your pets. I still remember the cuddle sessions we used to have. I used to spend time with her, just the way you’d spend time with a baby. For the 11 years when Shadow was with us, I don’t remember a single day that we left with neighbours or friends. I or my mother were always present with her.
Shadow teaching me life lessons
The unconditional love that they provide is the best quality of dogs. Shadow was the reason I used to return home. She used to always welcome me so warmly. The reason I loved staying at home was because of her. We used to love spending time together. I loved her warmth, especially the way she used to welcome me every time I entered the house.
I wish India was more pet friendly
I did not have many vacations with my pets, because unfortunately travelling with pets in India is not an easy task. I always wanted to swim with Shadow, but sadly couldn’t find a pool in my city that allowed pets. I believe in a country as big as India, the number of pet friendly hotels needs to increase, so that pet parents can spend quality time with their furry babes. But yes she frequently flew with me from Kolkata to Mumbai. She even went with me to Hyderabad.
Taking care of my pets with my mom
Both these departments were taken care of by my mother, and so efficiently. Shadow was allergic to a lot of things, and we had to be extra cautious with her. My mother made sure that all our pets got their daily exercise session. Shadow used to run throughout the house, which was a great way to keep her engaged.
• Shadow’s favourite dish: Cheese
• Qualities you love: Whenever I came home Shadow always greeted me warmly.
• Favourite activity together: Shadow frequently flew with me.