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VETLAB is a division of All Vet Diagnostic Solutions, which provides services of veterinary diagnostic and imaging. The company is managed by a team of techno professionals. It is a NABL Accredited (ISO/IEC-17025-2005) and one stop solution for all veterinary lab tests. The services offered include – lab tests, imaging and specialised tests.
Dr Maneesh Kr Gupta
Genesis and idea behind
The story behind this venture is very interesting. I had spent around 18 years in animal health pharma industry (working in large and small animal sector) before this venture. I always felt that veterinary diagnosis is such an important aspect of animal health, yet it’s lacking in our country.  Moreover, being a pet parent I faced many challenges related to right diagnosis for my pet. This further strengthened my belief that veterinary diagnosis is the need of the hour. In 2010 when I decided to quit my job and become an entrepreneur I founded VETLAB.
Centres & team
We have centres in Delhi and also provide services in Meerut, Lucknow and Kolkata. We are a team of approximately 40 professionals, including veterinary pathologist/microbiologist/ radiologist/parasitologist/technician and support staff.
Journey so far
The journey has been exciting and a mix of ups and downs. The first two years were most challenging. Being the first generation entrepreneur it was all together a different experience. After working at top positions in corporate sector it was not easy to adapt to entrepreneurship culture.  Moreover, we faced new challenges in market which we had not visualised before bringing this venture. However, my experience in corporate, a knowledgeable team, support of veterinary community and our ability to find innovative solutions has helped us come a long way on the path of success.
Challenges we face
When we started, there were only a few tests happening for animals, and that too were carried in human labs. We were just a start-up and the aim was to position the company against popular human pathology labs. It took us time to convince the vets that only a veterinary lab can give you veterinary specific and accurate results and a human lab has its limitation as they lack knowledge and skill related to veterinary diagnosis.
Learning experience
The last nine years journey has been a learning experience. We started with one lab and now have seven centres. We moved to other cities too, like Meerut, Lucknow and Kolkata. We got tremendous support form veterinary community for our endeavours. And thanks to our dedicated team and their unparalleled efforts, we are going from strength to strength.
About the industry
Pet care industry is fastest growing segment on Indian healthcare sector. Pets today have become family members and have a very strong emotional connect with the family. Pet parenting has become more responsible affair and with families becoming more nuclear pet adoption is growing. People are ready to spend money for bringing best health to their pets, which is a good thing.
Veterinary clinics
Veterinary clinics in India are growing very fast every year. Initially we could find big vet clinics only in metro cities, but now even tier-II and III cities have numerous veterinary clinics. In the big cities, the concept of veterinary hospitals has picked up in recent years, which is a positive sign for the industry. I feel as demand of pet health is growing every year, the opportunity for veterinary clinics is always there. Moreover, the vets in these clinics are making their best efforts to learn and follow new trends which are practiced across world in pet healthcare industry.
New techniques and methods
Veterinary diagnosis is an integral part of treatment just like in human health. The treatment which is based upon proper diagnosis brings faster and more satisfied recovery than what is just a symptomatic. Over the years we have extended our list of tests and today we are performing almost all those tests what are required by vets in their practice. We keep adding new techniques and methods of analysis to bring the best of diagnostic results related to pet tests. Currently we have a long list of highly specialised test related to pet healthcare.
Our vision
Our vision is to become the most reliable and respectable veterinary diagnostic solutions provider in the country. We are working in that direction. We aim at having more than 50 centers across India in the next 5 years. We want to create centers across all major cities. We have also started working now on franchise model so that we can increase our reach and bring services to all parts of the country. We recently got NABL accreditation for ISO/IEC17025-2005 International Standards of Biological Testing. We are the first Indian privately managed veterinary diagnostic lab to get this accreditation. Our focus always remains on accuracy and you get the promise of quality assurance with us.
Growing industry
The Indian pet industry has evolved a lot during last 10 years. I think the industry will keep growing at a healthy growth rate of more than 20 percent in the coming years. The key contributors to this growth would be increasing population of pet parents, growing awareness about animal healthcare among them, rising income and rising pet healthcare expenditure, and increasing number of veterinary clinics. New segments like pet health diagnosis and pet insurance in the industry will further fuel the growth.
Message to vets and pet parents
It’s very important that with growing awareness about animal health among pet parents the veterinary community needs to keep updating and upgrading their skills and knowledge. We should learn and bring from what is being practiced internationally and can be a right fit to our country.
(Dr Maneesh Kr Gupta is Managing Director & Founder of VETLAB, a division of All Vet Diagnostics Pvt Ltd)