Dream & Do—Celebrating 15 Years!


KIKO@HOME – A house only becomes a home with PAWS. They come with their PAWSITIVITY… and sparkle it with love, always. They are family. Our laughter continues as KIKO has come home in my sister’s family. KIKO is a little French Bulldog pup who has just turned two months. He is hopping around the house like a rabbit and scurrying like a rat. The centre of focus and soul is KIKO—‘What is KIKO doing?’
Dogs & Pups started with a dream 15 years back to celebrate love which is Eternal, Timeless & True. Our prime objective is to spread knowledge for the ‘Right Practise’. In this, we were joined by so many passionate people—who believed, we all put our best PAW forward to DO and together we reached out to pet parents.
Memories of our first magazine still remain fresh as the first bundles of magazine copies arrived from the press—so excited to see the content in print and circulation. The response and the journey there on… we have indeed come a long way… celebrating all our pets each and every day. It was 15 years back we embarked on a fascinating journey of KNOWLEDGE & PRACTICE for your pet.
Doing things right, recognising and understanding body condition and language, goes a long way as it ensures health and overall wellbeing of our paw friends. This we did by ensuring our content was always Informative, Interactive with feelings and fun. The whole idea was to VALUE a friendship over centuries which has always won with flying colours. Any test of time, we know the winner—the one and only FRIENDS4EVER!
They understand us in such a beautiful manner and give us unconditional love. Each moment spent with them becomes a memory more precious than treasure with magic, laughter and love. They help the society in so many ways too, by their ever helping spirit—the list is endless. It is truly said by French poet Anatole France, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”.
Pet parents think that their PAWS are PRECIOUS and are #HEARTTHROB. It’s so heartening to see so many PAWSSIONATE PEOPLE who over the years have come together and work for health and wellbeing for PAWS. In this issue, we have articles on this such as 15 Views to Heal The World & Make It A Better Place, Commitments for Life—‘I DO’ in 15 Ways!, 15 Ways to Adore More While They Age, 15 Fascinating Facts of Our Smart Soulmates and more.
KIKO sends out love to you… monsoons are here, keep them tick free, loads of love. Join us on Facebook /Dogsandpupsmag having 600,000 Likes . for daily dose of information, interaction and fun. We are always happy to share and care!