15 Ways to Adore more while they age


As pet parents there is one thing that most of us agree upon – Age is just a number. When our beloved pets are aging, their puppy eyes look and mischief don’t go away, and actually why should it! It is this naughtiness which makes them the shining light of our life.

Kritika Manchanda
You should understand that your pet undergoes various changes with age. These changes can be related to their health, coat, bones, illness and overall wellbeing. The body functions change, metabolism slows down and various health issues crop up. Thus, it is recommended that you be well prepared to handle your aging dog, or should we say your almost senior dog. Make life more comfortable and relaxed for senior pets who are babies in their hearts.

1: Make sure that your pet gets enough exercise. Switch to light exercise rather than straining him with vigorous exercise. Instead of one long walk, break it into two smaller walk sessions.

2: Keep a check on your pet’s weight. Overweight dogs have higher tendencies to develop heart problems, diabetes, joint problems, and hypertension. Your vet would know the best weight management solutions

3: Keep an eye on change in behavior, irritability, loss of appetite, or cuts and wounds.

4: Make sure you keep checking your pet’s teeth and gums. Age is a common factor in dental problems in dogs. Brush his teeth regularly.

5: Get regular medical check-ups and ask your vet about health supplements.
6:Avoid putting your pet in stressful situations – sudden change of environment, change of surrounding, change in food brand etc.

7: Get special toys for your aging dog that keep him occupied and busy. Break the play session into smaller durations so that your pet isn’t left too tired.

8: Senior dogs often develop arthritis. Keep an eye for symptoms like limping, reluctant to walk, pain or stiffness while getting up, licking the affected joints, being irritated, crying or yelping in pain when the affected area is touched.

9: Car rides are super fun, but as they age long car journeys or stressful travels are a no-no.

10: Try not to leave your pet alone for long period of time. Like puppies, aging dogs need extra care during festival season and parties. Amidst all the activity they feel lost and neglected.

11: Diet modification is an important factor. Feed your pet nutritious light food, which is easy to digest.

12: Place a soft rug at his favourite places all over the house. You don’t want your beloved to sit on the floor and be uncomfortable.

13: Let your pet enjoy massage therapy. It is helpful in relaxing muscles and a great stress buster. Once in a while you can also opt for aroma therapy massage.

14: Take care of your pet’s eyes. Aging dogs are prone to eye infections, cataract, etc.

15: Don’t expose them to extreme climate. Even sudden change in temperature is not suitable.
With all of this, you would also need extra dose of pampering and affection to keep your aging ‘fellow’ happy and healthy. We all know that our pets will not be with us forever and this thought leaves us teary eyed. But the important thing to understand is that how to make life comfortable for your aging dog.