15 Views to Heal The World & Make It A Better Place


Healing with passion & commitment for overall wellness & wellbeing with advanced medical facilities, multi-specialty hospitals and clinics, veterinarians share their views on this development.

1. A few years ago, multi-specialty pet hospitals and clinics in India was alien. Today, there will be one, or more than that, when you go to a small town or city anywhere in the country. In addition to hospitals, there are dog grooming and spa centers dotted everywhere. Some cities and towns in the country have parks exclusively for pet dogs.”
–Dr Aparajita Chakraborty Roy, APC Pet’s Specialty Clinic & Referral Care, Kolkata

2. Our pets today get best treatment in hospitals and pet food in the market. Thanks to animal health companies that keep introducing advanced medicines and medical equipments. Population of pet parents is visibly increasing all over India, which is because of the increase of people who love pets and treat them as their own family members or kids. Pet parents these days love to pamper their pets.”
–Dr Ithika C Swu, Wagging Tails, Dimapur, Nagaland

3. Our pets receive healthy food and advanced medical treatments. If this development continues, we expect more advancement in each sphere.”  –Dr Kiran Khasid, MARS International India, Mumbai

Our pets have pet hospitals in the country which open 24×7 to take care of them. Dietary requirements are taken care of as highly-reputed pet food companies offer well-balanced food and treats.”  Dr Anushka Doctor, Happy Tails, Mumbai

4.There is advancement in canine dentistry and orthopaedics. Increasing number of veterinarians across India are using diagnostic facilities like X-ray and ultrasonography in pet practice. –Dr Rajesh Kasrija Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana

Advanced lifesaving drugs have been introduced for our pets. Pet parents are happy that quality pet food companies are now present in the Indian market. –Dr Amandeep Kaur Mauj, Vets For Pets, Ludhiana

5.Veterinary science is achieving new edge day by day. Veterinarians are sharing their experiences and knowledge in the form of videos, case presentations and group discussion on different social platforms.”
–Dr Nidhi Srivastava, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, MHOW, MP

Vet clinics today are more tech savvy as various new equipments and procedures, similar to human healthcare practices, have been introduced.- Ankur Narad, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, MHOW, MP

6.For surgery, we have highly advanced equipments like ultrasonic dental scaler, ophthalmic operating microscope for cataract surgery, oxygen supply in operation theatre and ICU. Endoscopy, laparoscopy, laser treatment are common nowadays. –Dr Vikash Sharma, Animo Pet Care & Research Centre , Patna

Advanced treatments are now available for skin infection, tick fever and 4th generation antibiotics and post operation single shot antibiotics. Vimal Kumar, Pets Planet, Patna

7 .Specilaisation in all areas is the key—dermatology, preventive or clinical medicines, gastroentrologist, ENT (eye, nose and throat) specialist, opthalmologist, orthopedist, neonatal disease specialist, gynaecologist, AI technicians, etc.  Dr Saleema A Quadri, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Jabalpur, MP

8 .Workshops on cardiology, dermatology and soft tissue surgery are designed to provide veterinarians systematic educations from one level to another such as primary course to advanced course. These developments must go on and young vets must not miss this opportunity.- –Dr RT Sharma, Pet Hospital & Boarding Centre, New Delhi

Either in big cities or small towns, the focus is on well-equipped clinics and feed only quality pet food. Dr Vinay Kumar Chaudhary, Panacea Veterinary Clinic, New Delhi

9.Introduction of advanced medicines and well-equipped facilities in veterinary hospitals across the country is a major development over the last few years. –Dr Azeem Hadi, SAVA Healthcare Limited, Pune

10.Participating in different events brings quality and efficiency in the jobs of our vets and in turn our pets get world-class medical treatments. –Dr Ajay Sood, Dog & Cat Clinic, New Delhi

11 . Veterinary science today in our country is at an advanced stage to take care of complicated disease or medical condition of our furry pals. –Dr GS Bedi, Jhalandar

12. Pet parents these days take care of their furry kids with best of food and treats as well as medicines and supplements.  –Dr Krishnaprasad G Koorse, Provimi Animal Nutrition India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

13 .New advanced technologies, facilities and equipments are installedin veterinary hospitals and clinics all over the country. –Dr Amber Mishra, Animal Care Centre Veterinary Clinic, Raebareli

14.Pet parents today are well educated about for the overall wellbeing of their pets. 
–Dr Bhanu K Khajuria, Subhidha Vet Clinic, J&K

15.World-class healthcare products, medical facilities and pet food items are readily available in India. This means that our pets are getting best medical treatments and nutritious pet food. For pet parents, they are quite happy and fully geared up for overall wellbeing and happiness of their furry children.
–Dr Yashaswi Naravi, Little Paws Veterinary Clinic, Mangalore