Live and Let Live


Live and Let Live
Author: Farah Haque
Publisher: Independently published (June 2019)
ISBN: 9781098504892
Live and Let Live draws you into adventures, sharing a spectrum of emotions embedded in virtuous tasks of helping four-legged friends who can’t help themselves.The story unfolds when the author landing a great job in a corner of India, far from home and hearth for the first time in her life. She finds herself feeling very alone. This emotion is short-lived, as a clever and, at times, menacing, pariah dog she names Koko quickly and irrevocably steals her heart.Finding herself resolutely drawn to helping animals in need in a country where little animal welfare support exists, she takes in more dogs, some cats, and even a few birds who all have a lesson to teach, not the least of which is that the nature of animals is unexpected – for better or for worse! The pageturning element of the book is the way the author overcomes a new challenge in each chapter