Raise & Shine


Raise a toast to ‘Raise’ -Become a responsible Pet Parent’! It’s truly one of the most wonderful feelings to have a four-legged by your side, which means millions of moments and memories to cherish forever! ‘PETS ARE FAMILY’.
For so many of us our day revolves around our little heartbeat…in fact, they are not heartbeat at our feet, they are ‘Heartbeat of Our Heart’. So lucky to meet so many pet passionate people who we feature—vets who heal, groomers who make them shine & sparkle, compassionate people who elevate their suffering… and many more. Super awesome indeed to see that we are so many of us TOGETHER, involved in different aspects of health, wellbeing, care and much more for our furry darlings!
A recent visit to Max Vets (Delhi) and interaction with Dr Kunal was totally fantastic—the network of specialists who have gathered to heal, equipped with knowledge from world over and latest technologies is beyond compare. Do read the article Generations of Healing Touch on page 30 in this issue, which brings forward a spirit of giving back in terms of caring, healing and doing it all with love and compassion.
Totally amazing again was to meet Rashi of Heads Up for Tails, who has set up stores across the country and doing an incredible job in getting great products which your pet may need and want …so many great products to pamper them with.
Responsible pet parenting entails- total well being and wellness. A lot of time we do spot neglect which amounts to cruelty. Pets who are not given proper food or water, not taken for much needed exercise, tied in the balcony for long hours. CUPA in Bangalore gets three to four cases a day and is trying to educate people to take necessary action.
A recent case where in a two-month-old Labrador puppy was rescued by a neighbour who saw that the pup was constantly tied and not taken care of, notified a group called Animal Rescue Bangalore on Facebook, the pet parents now face a case. According to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960 pet parents can be punished with a fine or imprisonment for up to three months. A provision says to keep a pet in close confinement or habitually chained is a crime.
Experts say we all are well within our rights to stop cruelty against pets. The matter should be reported to NGOs or police, with accurate proof. When you come across a case of animal cruelty, observe and click photos or record a video of the same as proof.
Matters can also be reported at Facebook groups—The Cubbon Park Canines (13k), The Barking Lot Rescue (16k), CUPA India (13k), Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centr, etc. Follow them on Instaram too.
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Kiko wishes you Serendipity, Magic, Miracles and more, for you and your loved ones – this festive season!