Tails of Compassion: Giving hope and unconditional love to HEAL


Divya ParthasarathyI am working towards closing their past and giving them a beautiful present. I am working towards giving them a fair chance at life. All of these rescued animals are my kids. I think the only thing that I haven’t done as a mother was give birth to them.–by Divya Parthasarathy
There are several such animals, especially street dogs that are victims of accidents, cruelty and, bad luck. Imagine lying motionless for days with your body rotting and your organs damaged. Imagine sending out muffled cries for help only to be overlooked because you are a dog!
From humble beginnings come great things
Setting up the Tails of Compassion (ToC) animal home was no doubt the best and the toughest thing I did. The journey has definitely not been a cakewalk: it is demanding—physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. It is not easy to be surrounded by pain and death all the time. But, somehow the feeling of going to bed knowing that an animal is living and his cries didn’t go unheeded, is such a grounding and fulfilling feeling. Each dog at ToC comes with a traumatic past.
The spirit survives, but love and care needed
Tuppy was one of the most wounded dogs that I have ever had to rescue – wounded physically and emotionally. It was a horrific case of brutality inflicted by man out of sheer heartlessness and hatred towards street dogs. Today, after multiple surgeries and weeks of taking care Tuppy is a happy puppy! His wounds might never heal. But his spirit has.
Passion is the driving force

My special connection with animals goes way back in time since I was a young girl. While I had always wanted to do something significant for them, this abstract idea took shape only recently after a series of unsettling experiences. Euthanasia seemed like a quick fix in most places for all the problems like injury, disease, paralysis, old age, lack of space. As shocking as it may sound, but it’s true.
I could never come to terms with the concept of euthanasia. How can one have the heart to put an animal to rest without actually giving him/her a fair chance at life? Why shut the timer off without trying to fix them first just because we have the power to do so or just because there isn’t enough space? Disappointed with this thinking I decided to have my own place where these animals could live fearless and free.
Compassion and Care – our core focus
Founded on 18th August 2017, ToC provides a compassionate home to senior, special-needs dogs, and other animals in need of care and shelter, but most importantly it provides them unconditional love. We have rescued over 200 animals (dogs, cats, goats and birds) in the last two years and are currently home to 50 animals including aged, paralyzed, amputated and deaf dogs, and goats and chickens.
In addition to shelter animals, we regularly feed several animals in and around our vicinity. We pick up injured animals from the streets and provide them with necessary medical care. We also conduct sterilization drives regularly. Our purpose is not just to help animals in need, but also to instill in people and children a sense of compassion towards our great Indian/desi dogs through education and adoptions.
Save a life! Even a small effort can bring a huge change
Animal welfare is an extremely neglected cause. Most individuals are aware of the importance of preservation of the environment and its people, but miss out on an essential fact that animals too are a part of the ecosystem and need as much compassion and care. They too feel emotions and pain just like us. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to protect and help the voiceless.
A common misconception is that all animal NGOs are funded by the government, and therefore, the NGOs are in a position to provide free service. However, that is not the case. ToC is not backed by the government or any corporate. We rely on donations from kind Samaritans like you.
At ToC, because we focus on serving senior and special-needs dogs that completely rely on us for their care and survival, everything we do is double the normal – double the efforts, double the man power, double the time, and, therefore, double the bills.
With your help we can rescue more of these innocent souls and give them the care and treatment they need. Not everyone gets an opportunity to save lives. Do it while you can and feel that happiness. The sparkle in their eye and the ultimate feeling of satisfaction is truly unmatched!
(Divya Parthasarathy is Founder of Tails of Compassion (ToC), a New Delhi-based organisation that cares and helps animals in need)