Chugging Moments with travel Tails

Winding tracks, alluring destinations, and a pawfect companion to share your travel tales. Seems like a scene out of a fairy tale? But this is exactly what the heart desires! Read on to make your train travels terrific! –by Dr Ankur Narad, Dr RK Jain, Dr Nidhi Shrivastava and Dr Supriya Shukla


Anshuman Mohanty & Marley

Travelling with your pet in trains isn’t as difficult as it may seem. It is best when both you and your pet are prepared for the journey, so that it’s more comfortable and enjoyable.
Exploring and enjoying new destinations with Indian Railways
You can either take your pet in the luggage compartment inside a pet carrier or along with you in AC 1st class cabin.
Booking the best – 1st Class Cabin for your furry travel companions
• The only way to travel with them is by booking a 1st class coupe or cabin. Coupe is a two passenger room and a cabin is a 4 passenger room. In case you have more than one dog with you, it’s always better to book a cabin.
• You will need to book the entire cabin, i.e. 4 seats or if it’s a coupe, 2 seats. While booking online on Indian Railways (IRCTC) app also you have the option to select coupe or cabin after you select 1st class AC preference.
• You cannot take your pets in a regular sleeper or 2nd and 3rd class compartment.
Be a smart traveller and prepare beforehand
• Remember to get your pets vaccinated before the travel. Get a letter from the veterinarian stating that your pet is fit to travel, and make sure to have the vet’s signature and stamp on the letter. Also keep copies of the vaccination records.
• Just like you keep your documents handy, keep your pet’s documents also with you.
• You will know if a coupe or cabin is allotted only on the day of the travel and in case you don’t get it then the last option is to take them in the luggage compartment.
• In order to have a safe, comfortable, and happy journey with your pets you must write a letter or email to the Chief Booking Officer of that particular railway station, quoting your PNR number of reservation and requesting that a coupe or cabin is allocated to you since you are travelling with your pet and wish to keep them with you.
Set the wanderlust feels on point!
• On the day of the travel, arrive at least 2 hours early before your train time and go to the parcel office of the railway station. Submit the vaccination record as well as the letter from the veterinarian and get travel slips from there for each of your pet as per their weight. Find out the coach position of the AC 1st class compartment of your train and wait there so that you don’t have trouble getting into the compartment with your furry travel companions when the train arrives.
• Always try to travel and pack light when travelling with pets. It’ll be easier for you to manage everything.
• Keep the dogs on sturdy leash and hold on to them so that they won’t feel scared with all the noise and rush of the railway station.
• Keep lots of old newspapers with you so that you can put it on the floor of the coupe or cabin. On certain longer haults you can take your pets out for a quick break.
• Dog diapers are also available in pet stores and can be used during journeys.
• It’s good if you can carry an air freshener to use in the compartment so that other cabin and coupe passengers do not complain of any smell.
• Keep their food and water bowls with you and give your pet lots of water during the journey.
It’s always so much fun travelling to new destinations and exploring new places. And when you have your pet and your pet has you around, the experience will become all the more memorable. The journey in 1st class AC by Indian Railways will indeed be enjoyable. All you have to do as a responsible pet parent is to follow the guidelines and make your pet feel comfortable.
Bon Voyage!
(Dr Ankur Narad is from RGCN Pet Clinic, Bhopal; Dr RK Jain is Professor at Veterinary College, Mhow, MP; Dr Nidhi Shrivastava is Assistant Professor at Veterinary College, Mhow, MP and Dr Supriya Shukla is Professor Veterinary College, Mhow, MP)
Marley & Me Truly Terrific on Train
In life it’s not where you go but who you travel with! And my recent train journey was a memorable one because of a special traveller with me—‘Marley’. I was travelling in train after a long time and I must say at first I was quite apprehensive to travel with my dog Marley knowing all the challenges… but she proved me wrong. It was one of the best train journeys I’ve ever experienced. She has travelled to Mumbai, then Kolkata and Mysore in train. From our initial boarding station Marley was very excited to travel, like always, she had my attention and attention of all other passenger for the celebrity she is. It was more than 24 hours journey and she was very calm. In fact, she totally enjoyed the special coupe set I have created for her. She would look out of the window all day to view the passing scenic nature. She would get down on stops for her personal errands with me without any hassle. She never disturbed us or any fellow travelling passengers during the journey. I was surprised how trained this little bundle of joy is and I can’t wait to travel with her to more and more places in future.
Anshuman Mohanty