Daddy Duties! with love, Sourabh Raaj Jain


Meet Sourabh Raaj Jain – a well known face on TV. He’s currently winning hearts with his amazing performance in Nach Baliye 9. And previously he had portrayed some amazing mythological characters in the shows like Mahabharata, Chandragupta Maurya, Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev, etc.
You’ve seen him groove and be poised, but what you don’t know is that he also adorns the hat of a responsible pet parent.
Gypsy and Waffer – my beloved furry buddies!
I was in 6th grade when my friend gifted me a German Shepherd puppy – Gypsy! He was my first pet and always has a special place in my heart. Gypsy was with us for around 14 years and we build a special bond. Currently, I have a Beagle and he’s called Waffer! He’s part of our family now. I love spending time with him, especially right before going to bed. That’s when he loves cuddling and playing the most.
Happy memories of growing up with pets
I have so many memories with Gypsy. I remember playing with him, taking care of him because I was given his complete responsibility. Gypsy made me so responsible and made me understand the true meaning of responsible pet parenting.
Love redefined
I think no matter how the day goes sad or bad, but once you get back home and meet your pet they just instantly uplift your mood. You forget all that’s happened and that wagging tail becomes the source of ultimate joy. It doesn’t matter how the world is treating you, they treat you with full affection and love.
Daddy duties
Waffer loves petting and belly rubs. A lot of times wherever I am sitting, he comes and sits next to me indicating it’s time for your daddy duties! One of the most memorable experience I’ve had with him is our short trip to Lonavala last year. It was Waffer’s first birthday and we had such an enjoyable time.
Taking care with love
Wafer is a complete foodie and loves all kinds of food. Chew bones are his special treat, he loves eating them and playing with them. Waffer loves going to the beach. Whenever I go for my training, he likes to come along for long walks. This also ensures he gets ample exercise.
Love them unconditionally
I’ve seen people get pets and then don’t care about them. If you’re bringing home a pet, it becomes your responsibility to take care of him and love him unconditionally. Sometimes it might get tough, but the reward of endless love and affection your pets shower on you is so worth it!
Annoying habits: I don’t know whether to call it annoying or not! After a long tiring day, when I get back home and want to crash on my bed, Waffer is super charged and wants to play.
Qualities you love: No matter how the world treats you, your pets always treats you the same way every day which is just love, love n more love….

Funny/ Crazy antics: Whenever I have to give him a bath he just hides somewhere. Every Sunday I give him bath and he gets to know that it’s the day of his bathing.