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OP Singh
OP Singh has been associated with the animal health & nutrition industry for the past four decades. Among his many achievements are –launching companies, introducing path-breaking innovative products to the industry, bringing state-of-the-art technology in India, setting up poultry vaccines manufacturing plants, enzyme fermentation technology, vitamins and premixes manufacturing facilities and various human food segments
In candid conversation with OP Singh about the pet care industry and ‘OPUSPET’ –his latest venture.
Change is happening, but slowly
I’m all for animal health. When I started out in the late 1980s, this context was limited to livestock – cattle and poultry, major pillars of our primarily agrarian economy. With time, the term became more inclusive and today, the universe has grown to include companion animals or pets and even exotic animals. It’s been a natural progression for me, coupled with industry stimuli. But I’d also like to say it’s been a ‘pet’ project, literally. It was something I wanted to be associated with.
From then to now, it has been a journey of ups and downs
I’d call it a paradigm shift- both in terms of ‘pethood’ and the market per se. Pet adoption and parenting rates are through the roof. Pets have made the long journey and are a part of the family now. The humanisation of pets has made pet care/health a very emotionally charged subject. Parents demand best in class products & services, as they are want for themselves.
The pet care market has grown and is more organised now. Highest growth is in the food category. However, health and services are now racing ahead to claim their rightful place in the value chain, thereby expanding the market and value thereof, exponentially. Pet’s lives are increasingly mirroring their parents in terms of healthy lifestyle, food choices, grooming & upkeep. There is a clear recognition of the need for high end, research based products to specifically address preventive care and treatment of pets, with an emphasis on natural/herbal, wellness products to manage health through nutrition & prevention.
The poised transformation of pet care industry
Pet care is undergoing the same sort of consolidation that transformed human health care in the 1990s. In the process, it’s causing the biggest interruption in the nuclear family setup – owing to socio economic and psychological triggers. We can expect a more comprehensive approach towards petcare, involving science, technology & latest innovations.
It’s never a smooth sailing,but you have to go on
Lack of/limited access to vaccinology, preventive care, social welfare, regulatory support from animal husbandry, research & development in the field is almost non- existent. However, there is some hope of light as well – state of the art specialty veterinary hospitals offering a wide range of services and procedures are operational in a lot of metro cities across India.
The pet care industry is changing and for the good
The pet care industry is an approximately Rs 1500+ Crore industry. With 12 million domesticated dogs and 7 million domesticated cats in India, we’re dealing with huge numbers. And most likely this number is going to double in the coming decade.
Increased adoption rates it is the best way to guarantee better ‘pethood’. More disposable income, the intent to improve the living condition/lifecycle of companion animal among pet parents, change in social equilibrium means better awareness, access to healthcare for pets. The internet has transformed the veterinary/client/patient relationship from being a very top-down one to being more collaborative, as clients are more aware & informed. There is also a sizable availability of technically skilled manpower.
Trends that’ll dominate in the next decade
As a manufacturer/marketer it will be very important relate to and identify with the ‘humanisation’ of pets. It’s something that will drive the outlook and outreach of business in terms of what we bring to the table, what need it satisfies and what concerns it addresses. Products/services on offer have to feed these phenomena as it has a causal relation to the demand of pet parents & veterinarians alike. Managing health conditions through nutrition, research on nutrition, preventive care & management, medical support for elderly pets, apps, gadgets, devices that tell you about the animal’s health in real time are some trends I anticipate.
Right time has come to be a pet parent
This is a very exciting time to be a pet parent. Their behaviour is driving the market. And the industry is responding to them. My advice to them is to strike a balance between their privilege as a pet parent & their responsibility towards their pets. Use all the resources, products and information at their disposal wisely and in a manner that it will make their pet’s life a happy one. Avail of the specialty products at your disposal. A pet is a lifelong responsibility, so plan your finances to last its entire lifespan. With all the open sources of information available, it is of utmost importance to be discerning about it. A collaborative relationship with the veterinarian will have to be cultivated. Be open to new emerging technologies and create a culture of parenting the animal to its best behaviour, health status & social cultivation.
OPUSPET and what we believe in
The industry is experiencing an upswing in all sectors – nutrition , treatment, wellness , services, As a long term player one needs to have a robust and future ready pipeline and/or services through which to manifest your vision. OPUSPET is the coming together of passion for pet care with innovative products- Passion unites Innovation.
Our portfolio includes heart care – prevention & treatment, lifestyle products, premium nutrition, veterinary formulated range for dogs & cats. We bring our ‘A’ game on the nutrition side – partnering with MERVUE LABS, Ireland. Mervue is a leader in animal health based nutrition. They have more than 32 years experience in large & small animal health. The focus is on specially formulated products catered to pets’ tastes, capabilities and nutritional needs. Together, our product range is a response to concerns of pet parents – lifestyle diseases, health and wellness of their furry friends. We have a range of scientifically researched products specifically formulated for felines based on targeted health outcomes. I’m sure cats & cat parents will welcome this range.