A good groomer never stops learning new tricks


Yeffna Poonacha
It’s worth noting that the majority of grooming jobs aren’t glamorous fashion cuts. Much like a human hairstylist, being a dog groomer is a lot of bang trims and regular maintenance cuts. This is why we say a good dog groomer never stops learning new tricks. Let’s find out why.
A well-groomed dog is a happy dog
A dog is not a stuff toy, but a child who never grows up. He needs to be looked after for his entire life and that’s the role you play as pet parent. He cannot speak and tell you what he needs. Always keep your dog well. Bathe him regularly and check him every couple of days. Because remember a well-groomed dog is a happy dog!
Creativity & Caring
It’s a great feeling to know that so many people or pet parents actually want to learn grooming and willing to spend money on their pets to keep them clean and well kept. And what makes me happy is that I can help them in this entire process. As for what makes a great groomer, it comes down to the two Cs—Creativity & Caring. This job is not only about that you love dogs but you must be patient and caring since you’ll be working on live animals. It’s a rewarding job but it’s a demanding one as well.
A Dream Come True
Having been grown up with many cats and dogs, I always had an affinity for animals. I used to work in an international BPO, but then decided to work for myself. After a period of time, I realised it was time to pursue my passion for animals. A career in dog grooming was a perfect way for me to combine my love for dogs and my artistic side, and it has proven to be a dream come true. After researching the grooming field, I decided to do a certificate course in dog grooming.
I turned into a professional groomer & stylist by taking up a professional groomer course from Head’s Up For Tails in 2017. That’s how my The Dog Studio Pet Spa was born. It becomes a favourite destination for pets and their parents in Bengaluru. Some of my favourite breeds to groom are Shih Tzu, Maltese, Chow-Chow, Poodle, Terriers, Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, or creative or personality trims on mixed-breed dogs. Smaller dogs are my specialty.
Pawfewtly equipped
The Dog Studio Pet Spa is well equipped with all the necessary gadgets and equipments, including bath tubs for small and large dogs, with hot and cold water shower sprays, professional grooming tables, blowers, table top as well as hand dryers, clippers, shears, shampoos, aroma massage oils, toothpastes, mouth sprays, brushes, combs, perfumes, ornaments, bows, clips, and accessories.We need probably one to one and a half hours and sometimes even three hours on a single pet. Hence, we do not accept more than one pet at a time depending on the breed and condition of the pet. Our combs, brushes, blades and clip-ons are cleaned and sanitised in UV sterilising machine after every grooming session. Towels are washed and disinfected.
Passion for Pets
Kiran Raveendra loves big dogs! Each pet’s grooming session is uninterrupted and completely hands-on, ensuring individual preferences and lifestyles and making sure your pet looks good, trendy, feeling fresh, clean and stress-free!
(Yeffna Poonacha is certified professional pet stylist, groomer and owner of The Dog Studio Pet Spa in Bengaluru and Kiran Raveendra takes care of customers and responsible to keep the shop well organised)