Magic of New Beginnings–Serendipity


Kiko has completely captured and entrapped all of us. Kiko, a French Bulldog, and ‘three little momos’- as I love to call him, is a new entrant to our family. My sister is the pet parent for Kiko—and we all are spellbound to his magic. How is Kiko? His round face and eyes are simply delicious; he is turning six months shortly and truly the baby of the family. Kiko’s pet parents—Kish and Kshetij, adore him to the moon and more! It is indeed super nice to see them taking care of all his needs. Kiko too always adores them more. He just wants them in his sight-snuggling, cuddling or playing with them. It reminds me of the time when Sparkle entered our lives and became our world. Our dear pets are family and we the new age pet parents. They make are lives complete and health and wellness revolve in taking care of each and every aspect relating to them.
My journey with Sparkle had started in the year 2003, and we like all pet parents exactly followed the advice of his vet. For Sparkle it was Dr Rana and Dr Santosh who always saw to his health and wellbeing—I still cannot thank them enough as a journey of a pet parent I knew my little darling was always safe under their vigilant care and wellbeing. Sparkle also had a god mother, Dr Vaishali, who I could call any time and she would calm me and put my fears to rest. I see the same thing with my sister Kish and Kiko—this bond is so true and with the help we get from passionate veterinarians completely priceless.
As they not only heal the pet but take care of the pet parents who are always stressed and anxious. In the last 15 years in veterinary clinics we have seen so many improvements. It is heartening to see how passion for learning and technology has resulted in enhancement of health care facilities. Today clinics are so well equipped to handle different ailments with timely diagnosis based on speedy results and treatment. The commitment and care of the veterinarian with technology has taken wellness to new heights. Hospitals, timely results, additions of equipments in clinics empower pet parents to take more care. It is simply super fantastic—do read our article POCT (Point Of Care Testing)—Enabling Healing & Wellness in this issue.
A bravery award to ‘Tiger’ the saviour was given in Darjeeling as he tried to save Aruna from the attack of a leopard who had got into their godown. Tiger, a mixed breed, had adopted the Lama family in 2017. As soon as he saw the leopard attacking Aruna he got into the way, fought for a few minutes and managed to chase the leopard away. Dogs sparkle over us with bravery, passion and unconditional love.
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Kiko with our team wish you Serendipity, magic and more in everything you do. Wish you all health, happiness, love, togetherness and more this 2020—Happy New Year!