Date night with friends,food,and furry companions:Visit ‘Out of the Blue’for an amazing experience


Rahul Bajaj
There are so many times we see cute pet friendly cafes overseas and think when will India also have something similar. The scenario is changing (although slowly). Enjoying an evening out with friends, good food, and your favourite furry friend sound a perfect idea. –by Rahul Bajaj
Out of the Blue has been serving people for more than 18 years now. The patio area of the restaurant is dedicated to pets and pet lovers can visit the restaurant along with their pets from 8.30 am – 7 pm. The open area is great for pets and pet parents to hang out and play.
New-age pet parents reforming the norms 
Pets hold a special place in my heart. I have two dogs—Doink (Pug) and Pixie (Cocker Spaniel). The idea of making the restaurant pet friendly was on our mind, and we finally made the announcement on 26th August – International Dog Day. We have a special curated menu for pets. We as new age pet parents treat our pets as our children. It is right from taking care of their grooming to providing them timely meals, taking them out of walks to even celebrating birthday. They win our hearts with their unconditional love and leave us feeling low when we are away from them. My dogs mean the world to me and I make sure to do everything to keep them happy and satisfied. I also take them out for several pet-friendly activities.
Out of the Blue way of socialising your pets 
Helping your pets socialise can go a long way for them to adapt to our world that pays off for the rest of their life. Taking your pets to new places, making them meet different people, and letting them have novel experiences helps them take on new things in stride throughout their life. The best part is that well-socialised puppies grow into confident, happy dogs who adapt to distinct social environments.To be honest, it does take a while for them to adapt to seeing other pets and new people around them. The behavioural pattern here is somewhat the same as humans. But once they gain the confidence and trust, they do tend to become comfortable around other pets and people.
Rahul’s take on responsible pet parenting 

  • Do consider that your pet only has you throughout their life and you are only one he will be looking up to for protection, affection, and care.
  • Do a thorough research of the breed that you want to bring home.
  • Consult your vet & make sure vaccinations are up to date.
  • If you are a working pet parent, train your pet to be able to be alone for long hours. To reduce separation anxiety, leave them something with your scent on it, like a blanket or a piece of clothing that will make them feel less lonely when you are not around.
  • Do keep them well-groomed and make sure to keep their environment safe and pet-proof.
  • Do take care of the food that you give them as providing them with a balanced diet is very important.
  • Don’t own a pet just for the sake of fashion and  everybody is doing it. There is a lot of responsibility and care that goes behind raising a pet as it is going to be a member of your family. Make sure you understand their mood and behaviour as they can’t talk and convey that to you.

Having a pet is helpful for humans mentally, emotionally and physically too! Their unconditional love is like a healing touch to banish all the blues! Pets are the epitome of authenticity and wholeheartedness and at Out of the Blue we celebrate this love and compassion!
(Rahul Bajaj is Director and Conceptualizer at Out of Blue & Deli by The Blue in Mumbai)