Wheeling a new zeal of life with pet wheel carts


Utkarsh Gare
Seeing your pet suffer is one of the most traumatic experiences. But sometimes we as pet parents become helpless, shares Utkarsh Gare whose pet Happy got paralysed and he conceptualised the idea of pet wheel carts.

From passion to profession
My journey began in February 2017. I left my job and made this my passion my profession for life. It all started when my Happy got paralysed. I was in search of a cart that could help him move around. But unfortunately the ones available were too costly or only available internationally. So, I decided to make it on my own and gift it to Happy.
When Happy passed away, I decided to continue this noble cause to help other canines who were silently suffering. There are so many pet parents who cannot buy expensive carts and I understand their concern.
Empowering to transform life
When your pet is unable to stand or walk due to an injury or illness, these carts make it easier for them to move around. It motivates them and becomes a support for their recovery while making them feel independent and happy.
We distribute them through our courier channel partners after receiving orders. Each cart is customized as per specific requirements for greatest efficiency. As of now we just have pet wheelcart and its costs starting from Rs 1000 and goes up to Rs 5000. For our future endeavors, we are working on prosthetic legs and sore free beds.
I have so many stories and each case is close to my heart. Since the inception we have helped more than 200 cases.
Some were affected by paralysis, accident and injury, while others were just old dogs. Our carts help pets in every cause of disability.
The feeling when you see a dog/cat walk with these carts is so satisfying. They feel like the zeal to live life is back and that’s what keeps us motivated. With the care and expert treatment of vets, I have also observed that recovery becomes speedy through these wheel carts.