Love Oreo to the Moon & Back & More Dheeraj Dhoopar


Love is felt and best expressed, Dheeraj Dhoopar who is best known for his role in the popular daily soap Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV, shares how love for Oreo melted him.
Oreo giving him lessons on unconditional love
I have never had pets in my life and Oreo is my first pet ever. I have never been comfortable with pets around me. But I think I was wrong. Oreo came in my life and changed it in a wonderful way. He is a British Bull and I cannot wait to go back home at the end of the day for his squishy hugs. I remember the first day when he arrived home, he was just 45 days old and it was a very special moment. I was skeptical and I guess so was he. But his innocence just melted me. I grew into loving him to the moon and back.
Home is where Oreo is!
I cherish the moment when he senses me coming home. Even before I am home he feels it and gets really excited. I think this is the best feeling that one can and should experience.
I spend as much time as I can with Oreo. Due to my shooting schedule it is a little erratic but I make it a point to spend some quality time with him when I am home.
Giving love a whole new meaning
I feel their sheer ability to love unconditionally is what attracts me the most. It makes me feel special about myself. I still have to experience what all dogs do when they are a little older but puppies are like a human baby. This experience has changed my outlook towards things completely. I am the prankster at home and my wife Vinny is like a mom to him. So, I feel that Oreo loves the fact that I goof around with him and trouble him. This has created a special bond between us.
Travel tails
Oreo is still too young to travel and we prefer keeping him at home. But yes we do have plans of taking him along and finding out places that allow pets. We recently took him to a dog café and he had the time of his life there meeting other pets.
Always up for responsible pet parenting
We are very particular when it comes to his exercise and food routine. We have followed every instruction that the vet has given us and we make it a point to follow those instructions. We exercise him regularly and he loves his walks, and loves to walk on his own space. He loves ice creams and fruits. He very recently ate his first ice cream cup and it was love at first lick. I think one should be mentally prepared to take up this huge responsibility. It seems to be easy but it is not, especially when is a baby. One must be prepared to sacrifice a few things to be a successful pet parent.
PawFunOur Magic Together!
• Favourite activity together: Lazing around on my off days with Oreo is our favourite activity.
• Annoying habits: While playing he tends to hurt himself. I don’t like it because I care for him and am super protective.
• Qualities you love: Unconditional love, he needs space for himself and gives us our space too.
• Funny/Crazy antics: There is this stool at our house which he loves and he keeps chewing it the whole day. We don’t understand what thrill he gets out of it.