Wag Bond and travel


Many of us dream of peace and relaxation on a holiday to escape the mundane routine. Travelling with your pets can be so therapeutic. It’s such a relaxing experience, soaking up the sunshine, playing in the sand, or just unwinding amidst nature.

You’d be surprised to know that according to a recent research vacationing with your pets is great for your emotional and mental health.

Take them along and reduce the stress bomb

For most pet parents, leaving their pets behind at a kennel or with a friend can be a stressful experience. While you’re on a holiday, your pet’s wellbeing is constantly on your mind. But not when you’re travelling with your furry buddies.

A recent research shows 86 percent of pet parents believe having a dog can help bring stress levels down, which is the perfect reason to bring your pooch on holiday to experience adventures together and further reduce your own stress.

They not just become your favourite travel companions, but provide so much emotional support. So the next time to go on a holiday, make sure to travel your pet’s suitcase along!

Embrace magical nature with a side of fuzzy tails

It’s no secret that exercise is good for you, however, sometimes it can feel like a major task. A great way to get moving is to take your pet on daily walks and enjoying play sessions with him.

On your vacation you can go hiking, and explore local sights, the perfect way to bring your pooch along for those extra steps and enjoy the adventure together.

Embrace the fresh air, play on the beach, go hiking, the options are endless and there are so many memories waiting for you!

Clear blue sky, happy times, and your
canine companion – all good for your immunity

Apart from reducing separation anxiety and helping you to get more exercise, dogs help your immune system get stronger over time. Owning a dog helps your body to build healthy bacteria colonies which boost your immune system, making the whole family healthier.

Studies show that children who grow up with a pooch are less likely to develop autoimmune illnesses, such as allergies and asthma, due to the diversity of microbes that your pup brings into your home. A new holiday location means unfamiliar germs for the whole family, so it makes sense to bring your furry family member along to help keep everyone healthy and happy.

Make memories, heal the heart and soul, and enjoyyyy!

If you want a better quality of life, a life that supports compassion and empathy then you must get a pet. Traveling with your pet to new destinations opens up so many avenues. You might face challenges, but then overcoming them will be a memorable feeling in itself.

Find a pet friendly accommodation in the destination you’re planning to visit and make sure to make prior arrangement about food, bedding etc. Talk to the authorities and get all the bookings done!

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