And here’s to new beginnings and a very Magical 2020— hope you’ll have a wonderful 2020, celebrating every day together with your precious paws and people. Mine was super magical… serendipity did sparkle with none other than a CZAR! Czar is royalty beyond and more. A gorgeous Golden Retriever who looks like a bear, trots like horse, and behaves like a dog. When you see his stature, demeanour, colour, face, eyes, paws, tail-all you want to do is hold him and hug him. My heart could only sing –“But I can’t help falling in love with you”. A walking love story in dreamy shades of gold…my heart melted a million times and more. And I sure was lucky as Czar adored me back!
My morning tea and cuddles only with Czar. Each time I returned home I had this gorgeous Golden Retriever who only wanted my attention. And when we all used to get back the first person he greeted was me—that was indeed so precious. Disregarding his height and weight, he would prance around me like my lamb. The whole scene hilarious, I in splits and desperately trying to maintain my balance….Czar by my side jumping with excitement, his eyes with pure love and tail wagging furiously! Thankfully I did not fall over him literally! But I did fall for him and gave my heart to him happily.
Belly rubs, sweet nothings, fetch ball, run in the garden, holidaying together we did it all with Czar. Czar would also not leave me and Suhaan (my son) and only sleep on our bed. The best part of the morning was to wake up to this golden glory, pure sunshine by our side, giving us so much of unconditional love, warmth, happiness, memories and more. I got reminded of my precious moments and memories with Suhaan as a toddler and Sparkle, a time when three of us were inseparable while waking up and sniffing the new day with zest and love. It felt that every morning and moment Czar was saying, “I love you and I am so happy to see you my lovely people.” A feeling so simply priceless! I guess we should learn more from them, show enthusiasm and love to people around us.What a wonderful and pawfect world it would be together—full of happiness, love, songs and cuddles!
The detective Czar was always curious about me and mapping my whereabouts. The GPS location – Shweta! What is she doing? Where is she going? Seemed my footsteps were always on his mind! One day I saw him peeping at me from under the blanket silently watching my movements in the room. He did not want me out of his sight even for a second. The same went for us—we could not get enough of Czar. Each moment and minute we wanted to be with him more. The moment we where home it was where he is, what he is doing. Happy moments sail away soon and it was time to leave as our holiday came to an end.
Never did understand the good in a goodbye & tears did tell the tale and promise to meet soon again. For Czar too he did wait for us outside our room after we left. When we reached back home, all our clothes were with Czar fur and our heart filled with his affection and antics. The best part is that Suhaan and I realised Czar just took our heart away and we just happily gave it to him.
A love story starts with a promise to meet again…….and hopefully soon we meet Czar again. Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day…and make each day…every day, special, for your sweet hearts as they are only smitten by you!
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