Whether it’s you and I, or celebrities, the one thing that’s common among pet parents is their love for their furry babies. Start your New Year in an amazing way and go ‘Pawwww’ looking at the bond of these celebs and their adorable pets. 
These celebrities have our heart and we love knowing about them. But do you know who they are in love with? Here are 12 Celebs and the love of their life. Maybe this inspires you to get home a pet and change the world altogether. –by Kritika Manchanda

1 Furry companions of Dhoni… fun in the sun
Captain Cool, yes that’s what the world likes to call MS Dhoni. He is an ardent pet lover. He rescued a stray pup in Ranchi and added to the list of his furry companions—Sara, a German Shepherd; Zara, a Lab; and Zoya, a Weimaraner. His Instagram is full of his pets’ antics, him playing with them in the sun, and even being a not-so strict trainer.

2. Bruno & Virat… best friends
On the field he is known for his fierce attitude, but in the company of his pets they become a mushball team. Virat Kohli’s first pet was a Pomeranian and then he had a Labrador called Rico. Say Hello to Bruno, the Beagle who gets Virat weak in the knees. From sharing treats to giving him company in the gym, Bruno and Virat seem to be best friends!

3. Bailey & John… fun time together
The handsome hunk of Bollywood, John Abraham, is not just known for his acting but also for his love for animals and bikes. He is a PeTA activist and always voices his opinions on adopting stray animals. He’s often seen unwinding with his pet Bailey and posts on social media about their fun times together.

4. Diana & Priyanka… being together all around
The ‘Desi Girl’ of Bollywood is making her presence felt in Hollywood as well. Priyanka’s pet Diana is indeed the apple of her eye and an Instagram star with more than 148K followers. Diana is seen enjoying car rides, walking around LA, and being around Priyanka all the time. Priyanka surprised hubby Nick Jonas with a German shepherd puppy whom they named Gino on their first anniversary.
5 . Sonakshi & Bronze… all the glam to her life!
Dabanng actress Sonakshi Sinha has campaigned for PeTA and her love for animals is unmatched. Her first pet Nancy was with her for 14 years and last year she got home Bronze, a cute furball who gets all her attention and love. She welcomed Bronze and shared the picture on Instagram and keeps sharing his stories. Indeed Bronze is adding all the glam to her life!
6 Armaan & Handsome… a center of attraction
The star singer who gets girls swooning is a responsible pet parent and loves his first pet dog Chow-Chow named Handsome. Ever since Handsome came into Armaan Malik’s life, the pooch has become the center of attraction. From posting cute boomerangs to celebrating his birthday, Armaan is an ardent pet parent and gives us major goals.
7. Macho and Chopsi… Saina’s sensations
The ace badminton player is winning hearts with her amazing performance. But do you know who’s winning Saina’s heart? Macho and Chopsi, her two pooches, give her all the love and affection and be the perfect stress-busters for her.
8 . Randeep & Candy… a close bond
Known for his stellar performances and off-beat roles, Randeep Hooda has a close bond with animals. He spent his childhood years with his grandma and they always had a pet. That’s where the love and compassion grew from. His current pets are five horses and one pariah. He names his horses in a unique way – Ranji, Johnny Walker, Rommel, Simply Supreme, and Atillay. He’s also very close to Candy (Pariah).
9 . Nimki and Mishti… Soha Ali opens her heart for them
Soha Ali Khan has always been a strong activist of ‘Adopt and Don’t Shop’ campaign. She often shares pretty pictures of her two pets, Nimki and Mishti. They are both Indian breeds and Soha has not just opened her home but also her heart to welcome them with love…
10 Icy & Sonali… a wonderful bond
Sonali Bendre is often seen sharing pictures of her darling pet Icy who she fondly calls #littlemissicy. Icy is seen napping and playing with Sonali which she keeps sharing online. Seeing a wonderful bond between is so heartwarming!
11. Disco & Kriti… always inseparable
Kriti Sanon and her love for Disco…She revealed that she was very scared of dogs but now is inseparable from Disco, her pet. Although she gifted Disco to her sister Nupur Sanon, but she has become a big fan of Disco and shares pictures of them playing and having fun together.
12. Fuffy & Sara Ali… an adorable little one
The newest heartthrob of Bollywood, Sara Ali Khan shared that neither she nor her brother Ibrahim are her mother’s favourite child. Mom’s favourite child is Fuffy Singh. An adorable little one, Fuffy indeed wins hearts with his cute looks and antics.