Veterinary science combined with advanced technologies has geared up to take new-age pet parenting and learning practices for vets to a new high, ensuring the overall wellbeing of pets
Knowledge, healing touch and passion lead to advancement and new trends in pet wellness and care.
Perfect platform for knowledge sharing and learning
“Since the formation of PPAM in 1996, we have been associated with WSAVA Conference which started its India chapter in 2001. The event has seen a lot of developments and improvements over the years with many interactive speakers and participants having appetite for learning,” says Dr Hitesh Swali of Swali Pets Clinic, Mumbai. Dr Krishanu Ghosh, Pet Practitioner from Kolkata, comments that WSAVA is a great platform where participants get to learn new developments in the industry. “This year, lectures on topics such as orthopedic are quite influential for pet practitioners,” he adds. Dr Umesh Karkare of Happy Tails Veterinary Specialty, Mumbai, says that the knowledge being delivered by the speakers at the conference has tremendously improved in terms of quality and usefulness. “WASVA is informative, interactive and very helpful for us to upgrade our knowledge in coordination with renowned faculties from India and overseas,” shares Dr Soorej K of Kochin Pet Hospital, Kochin.Dr Dhara Panchal, Small Animal Practitioner from Anand, comments that WSAVA is a great platform for small animal practitioners to meet peers, share and gather knowledge as well as witness latest technologies happening across the world.Dr Surbhi from Hyderabad says WSAVA provides information on new developments. In the similar tone, Dr Jaya Prakash of JP Pet Hospital, Chennai, mentions that the conference helps practitioners know and catch new trends in terms of food, pet care products, medicines and technologies.

Rakesh Mohan

Dr Dhananjay Pandit

Bharat Pittie

Anand Kanojia

Kushal Pittie

Pets are family and more
The new-age pet parents have taken a tremendous leap into the overall wellbeing of their pets as family members. Rakesh Mohan of Scientific Remedies, mentions that pets form an important role in a family. He further mentions, “This has boosted the industry with increasing demands for new and advanced pet health care products, companies hence strive to bring best solutions and products for pets.” Dr Dhananjay Pandit of Scientific Remedies, adds, “We have seen the changing behaviour of pet parents over the years. They consider pets as family members and are aware of their overall wellness and spend on health care and quality food.” “Pets are now treated as family members,” says Bharat Pittie of Orange Pet Nutrition, Pune. Anand Kanojia, of Intas Pharmaceuticals, says, “Every year at WSAVA conference we get to know the shifting trends and new therapies in the industry. This year the focus is on pharmaceuticals.” Kushal Pittie of ABK Imports, comments that pet parents nowadays opt for professional groomers. “Our advice to pet parents is to use only quality products, never compromise with quality,” he adds.
FSAPAI-WSAVA CE 2019 conference held from 22nd to 24th November 2019 at Grand Hyatt, Santacruz (E) in Mumbai brought the opportunity to learn from the most renowned professionals.