Kritika Manchanda
Losing a pet is one of the most traumatic experiences in life (both I and our editor can vouch for it). But the love our pets leave us laden with is indeed eternal. Some days you remember them with a huge smile and warmth, other days the tear dams are opened. –by Kritika Manchanda
It is sad that we get such limited time with our pets, but each moment becomes a heartwarming memory when they’re gone. I lost Romeo two years ago after he was a part of our home and heart for eight years. I tear up at the mere mention of him, and that’s what’s happening right now as I type this. But the idea is to make our pet’s memories last forever. Of course there are pictures and videos that we can see and shed a tear or be super happy, but if you aren’t doing that something extra are you even a pet parent?
Presenting Five Amazing Ideas in which you can make your pets an everlasting part of your life.

  1. Love and pain never go in vain
    I understand this might not be for everyone, but if you’re planning to get a new tattoo then this might be a great idea for you! I have a pet tattoo that’s dedicated to my Romeo. Whenever someone talks about the tattoo, it just brings back all his memories and makes my heart happier.
    It is a big decision and a painful one as well, so you need to be sure about it. Decide what you want to get – your pet’s name, his paw print, portrait or sketch, or just a little pet doodle. Once that’s done decide the place you want the tattoo at! And then be ready for some pain (let’s be realistic) and lots of emotions…
  2. Art that touches the heart
    From a rather piercing idea to an easy one! Something like your pet’s photo collage or a portrait by a professional would be such a cool and happy piece for your home. Finding your pet’s hotos would not be tough (Guilty as charged that we pet parents have more photos of our munchkins than anyone else). You could do these pictures on a canvas with some doodles or paw prints for that extra mushy feeling. Pet portraits have caught up a lot recently. You can get in touch with a professional artist, share what you’d like – a pencil sketch, painting, oil painting etc. and get a painting customized!
  3. Pawwsome plants
    Getting rid of your pet’s belongings can be so difficult. And I say this with experience, because I still have some of Romeo’s toys. But then we all need to move on. My mom and her new found love for gardening and plants got her a great idea. When you lose your pet take his food or water bowl, tie his collar around it and use it as a planter. Plant a succulent or some pretty flowers that’ll make the world and your home a lot more beautiful.
    You could just also plant a sapling in his memory at his favourite play area or in the backyard. A small gesture, but it’ll be so wonderful. Let loss be your energy and heal you with love!
  4. Add sparkle and shine with pet jewelry
    This one’s probably my favourite! Whether you like bracelets, earrings, or necklace, you can surely get jewelry customized in your pet’s memory. A simple and cute charm bracelet with paws, doggie earrings, or a pretty necklace will not just add to your fashion statement, but it’ll remind you of all the good times! There are many online stores that will customize jewelry with dog or cat related designs. You could also find stunning charms online and customize your own bracelet or find doggo or kitty earrings to show your love!
  5. Bundle up with his warmth
    Even though your pet is not with you anymore, you can always bundle up with his memories. Get yourself a fuzzy sweatshirt with cat or dog quotes. You can also get t-shirts and mugs customised with your favourite photo of your pet. And then on a low day this would be your perfect pick-me up! All these would make great gifting ideas this holiday season. Gift your friends or loved ones a part of their heart and see a warm smile spread on their face! Accepting loss and grief is something we all need to do. Some of us do it quicker and in an easier way, others take a lot more time. But with such small gestures you know that the love and adoration is still beating. And needless to say remember him with a smile, he’s watching you as your guardian angel.