It’s just a little love, which always goes the extra mile. From darkness to light, from hurt to heal, and finally home! It is very heartening to tell you about Aparna Rajagopal and her friends Pallavi Dar and Sanjay Mohapatra who have been working consistently, continuously and compassionately in rescuing dogs who have been abused & abandoned. It is indeed heart-breaking that these dogs have been inhumanly abused to an extent where in some cases their survival was in question. With dedicated efforts to bring them back from the brink of death, to support them in the tedious road to recovery, to heal the trauma of abuse & abandonment is what these gentle people do. With their love they try and heal both physically and emotionally and finally ensure good homes for our dear canines—do read our article When Love is Abandoned, Rescued & Re-Homed.

The motivation is ‘to adopt, don’t shop!’The process of adopting a dog in India today has become way simpler than before. First of all, check your lifestyle, budget, home space and your family before you decide to bring home a dog. There are several dog shelters in all cities, decide whether you can devote time to raise a puppy or an adult dog will suit you. Interact with the dog at the shelter, enquire about the temperament and history–and open your home and heart to unconditional love, happiness and memories.
Samaritans all over the country are moving forward to provide shelters to homeless strays. Over the past 15 years, Anjali Kakati has been feeding and providing shelters for stray dogs in Delhi as part of her ‘Each One Feed One’ charity which she started, the charity currently feeds over 70 dogs across Delhi. When fourteen-year-old Bhopal girl, Chandani Grover, encountered a tragic scene of a stray pup hit by a car, she turned saviour for strays, built a shelter for 40 plus dogs in just three months.
Around the world – Crufts, the great dog show in the world, has just finished with the announcement of the Best in Show for 2020—a wire-haired Dachshund called Silvae Trademark, known as Maisie at home. Around 26,000 dogs took part in the four-day event at Birmingham, including over 3,000 furry participants from overseas. Our furry companions deserve recognition for their talents, skills, loyalty, bravery and more.
A Border Collie named Kazuza in Switzerland accompanied his pet parent Bruno Valente in parachuting off a 2,300ft high cliff. The furry jumper appeared calm and composed as they touched the ground.
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