Dr Seema Talokar
As pets are our family, just like we insure our near and dear ones it’s time to take timely action and insure the health of our pets. –by Dr Seema Talokar
Growing Pet Population
A data released by Statista in 2019 revealsthat India has 21.42 million pet dogs. The number is likely to reach 31 million by 2023.To safeguard health of our furry family members, Pet Medical Cover is required. Pawtect is a medical cover for your pet. It reimburses the expenses incurred by you for your pet’s treatment, to an extent of coverage amount.
Pet Medical Cover
Pawtect is just like a mediclaim you take for your family. Without worrying much about mounting medical bills, you can focus on your pet’s recovery just by paying a nominal Annual Service Charge, which you can decide on the basis of the pet’s age & breed and desired coverage amount.Pawtect offers you different plans to choose from.
There are mainly four coverages in pet medical cover— Accidents, Major Illnesses, Soft Tissue Surgery and Third Party Liability. It also has three different plans to choose: Red Ribbon, Yellow Ribbon and Blue Ribbon. Each plan has its own premium, in accordance to breed and age, ensuring treatment at any clinic across the country for dogs between 8 weeks to 8 years of ages. Over the last year, we have sold about 10,000 policies.
Pawtect covers the costs incurred for medical consultation/examination fee, surgeries, lab tests, diagnostic care and so on. It also covers much more than hospitalisation charge, such as boarding charges and third party liability.In case of any bodily injury and/or property damage to any third party due toyour pet’s action during the plan period.
Major illnesses covered in pet insurance include cancer and tumour, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, haemorrhagic gastro enteritis, tick fever, hip dysplasia, GDV, cherry eye, renal failure, dialysis, snake bite and many more. The coverage also includes accidental injury which involves major surgeries on hind and forelimb, bodily injuries due to falling, hitting on wall, dog fight, etc. Major soft tissue cover includes for aural haematoma, penetrating eye injury, total ear canal ablation, among others.  You love, care,express your feelings and give your furryfamily members the besthealthcare they deserve!
(Dr Seema Talokar is Product Manager at Vetina)