Today, Heads Up For Tails (HUFT) is one of India’s leading pet brands. With more than 30 stores across India and an online store, it is every pet parent’s favourite destination for pet products. –by Rashi Narang

Trust the magic of new beginnings
When our Labrador, Sara, turned a year old I really wanted to get something special for her. Despite searching through many stores, I found that the range of products for pets was very limited – this was over 12 years ago. Finally, I designed something myself and had it made for her, this was really the start of Heads Up For Tails (HUFT). It was founded on a wish to make our pets’ lives more comfortable and happier because they really deserve the best.
The road less travelled
We’ve met so many inspirational people who are doing so much for the benefitof animals and pets in the urban setting. Besides learning a great deal, we’ve interacted with amazing pets and their families across the country. We’ve seen many pets grow from young pups to adults and the whole journey has been very fulfilling.
Rashi and Sara
The thought of having made a positive difference in the life of a pet, either via our products and services or by sharing something that we’ve learnt with a pet parent to help strengthen their bondis what really keeps us going! Back then, having a store just for pet supplies was quite unconventional and it has had its ups and downs.Navigating the system as a woman comes with its own set of challenges, but over the years, we have formed a good working relationship with our vendors and suppliers, and learnt a lot in the process.

Happy pets and their families keep us going

Working for pets is a cause that’s very close to our hearts; it always has been and always will be. So the passion and drive to keep going stems from there. We know exactly what it is like to want to give our pets the best lives possible and we do our best to help others do this as well.

Products that make your pooch happy

From the beginning, we were clear that we wanted to be the first ones to offer pet parents products that fulfilled their pet care needs. We focused on quality. Our stores cater to all pet needs for every life stage so, we have products for pups/kittens as well as senior pets. Our stores are stocked with food and treats, a variety of toys, comfortable beds and fun accessories, so you and your pet can get anything you need.
Since we’re pet parents ourselves, we draw a lot of inspiration from our daily lives and of course, we pay close attention to customer feedback.No two pets are same and we want to have something for everyone. In the recent past, there have been so many new developments in the pet world. Every day is a learning experience and we’re happy to see our knowledge and inventory grow.It’s been a few years since we opened our line of pet spas where highly-trained groomers take care to make the whole grooming experience comfortable and relaxing for your pets.
The HUFT Edge
From when we started in 2008 and even now, the one thing that has always helped us is our commitment. Doing our best for pets is what keeps us going. Over the years we have channelled our energies into understanding the varying needs of pets and catering to them in the best possible way. We’re constantly pushing boundaries and trying to be better than at this than we were yesterday.
Embracing change and always moving forward
There certainly has been a shift in the way people view dogs. Earlier they were considered only as guard dogs, now people consider them to be companions and valued members of the family. People are also more aware of why it is important to adopt pets and not shop. In an industry that barely existed when we started our journey to now, we’ve seen many changes. Pet care and services have become rather popular across India, not just in metro cities, but in tier II and tier III cities as well. The industry today is very busy and competitive. It’s going to be more so in the years to come and we’re ready for the changes that will come with it!
(Rashi Narang is the Founder & Creative Director of Heads Up For Tails, which offers top notch pet products, salon & spa services backed by dog experts and behaviourists, a Pet Bakery, knowledge-based blogs and workshops for pet parents and fun events where pets can accompany their parents. She graduated from London School of Economics.)