Varsha Verma
& Rocky
Your dog has infinite potential to love and be loved. This love is beyond all expectations … it is unconditional and weather-proof. So, let’s invest in this relationship… just a little more! –by Varsha Verma
Sometimes I wish my four-year-old Pomeranian Rocky could speak! His expressions show that there is so much he wants to share with me. When I talk to him, he seems to understand. When he talks to me through his eyes and actions, I also understand what he is trying to say. Here’s how to bond with your tailwagger.
Give quality time: Every relationship demands time and your pooch needs your time too. Spend some time every day with your pooch. This should be an activity your pooch likes. Rocky likes to be stroked every day for a few minutes, especially when we get back home…this is his time, he wants full undivided attention at this time. He wants his belly rub too. However, tired I may be, he would crawl into my lap and get his love.
Communicate with your pooch: Talk to your pooch from time to time. Communicate with them. Let them know with the tone of your voice that what you like and what you don’t. Dogs understand the tone of your voice, so make use of it.
Play with your pooch: Dogs are playful by nature. You can play hide and seek, tug of war, fetch and other games which your pooch likes.
Feed them right: The only thing which dog loves more than you is food. Give them well-balanced nutritious diet at fixed timings. Give them an occasional treat to beat the mundane diet.
Train them right: Well-trained dogs not just a delight but they also get to spend more time with their human family. So, train your dog properly and let him be a part of your life as much as possible.
Make walks meaningful: Dogs love to walk, put him on a leash and take him out for a walk. Let him sniff around and also use commands like Sit, Stand, etc.
Give them a space of their own: We all like to have a quiet corner when we just want to be alone. This is same for our pets too. Let your dog choose a spot he likes and make sure he has access to that spot at all times. If your dog retreats to his personal spot, let him stay there until he comes back to you. In short, give him space.
Let your dog feel safe with you all times: During Diwali time, when crackers are bursting outside, Rocky loves to crawl near a family member to feel safe. That’s the kind of faith he has in us. This can be cultivated over time. Whenever you find your dog stressed or uncomfortable, remove him from the situations. Slowly, he will repose faith in you.
Bond with your pooch: Researchers believe that petting dogs reduce stress hormone cortisol and increase anti-stress hormone oxytocin. There is strong evidence that physical contact such as grooming and petting lowers stress in shelter dogs, which is measured by reductions in both heart rate and stress hormone cortisol as well as by an increase in anti-stress hormone oxytocin. So, groom your pooch or simply pat him or cuddle him.
Let him know he is loved: Each dog is different and each pet parent has a different way to show their love. So, be it a belly rub, a delicious treat or a drive in the car – show them they are loved.