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The world has reached a whole new level during this pandemic and its results have been seen in all aspects of life. In times like this we must not turn a blind eye to the plight of our strays. Take a step towards making this world a better place for our furry favourites and come donate towards their next meal! Remember, every little bit counts! Your donation could be the difference between life and death for an innocent stray.
by Dr. Shashank Sinha, National Sales Director, Drools

Across India, the impact of the 21 day lockdown on pets and strays has been massive, the further lockdown till 3 May will indeed need more initiatives. We at Drools have tried to handle the situation in various ways.
Sensitized people that pets don’t spread Covid19 – With the pandemic, people panicked and started to abandon their pets. We started a strong campaign to educate people that Covid is not the reason & that they should never abandon.
#Pawrentine – We started a campaign #Pawrentine and encouraged people to stay home and spend their time with their pets.
Pet food more accessible – Worked with retailers and online channel to make pet food more accessible.
Feed the Stray – Life for animals on the streets has become increasingly difficult as they struggle to survive, hungry and starving, with no means to communicate their pain. We have begun contributing to feeding animals on the streets and are urging our fellow animal lovers to join hands with us to make sure no animal suffers from an empty stomach

Feed the Stray’ initiative with every donation made, we will make an additional donation of 25% and will donate that amount in food to animal welfare NGOs across the country. No amount is too little and each donation will go towards feeding a hungry mouth who is helpless and alone.
The NGO’s we are working in tandem are – World For All Canine Care Center- Mumbai, Sanjay Gandhi Animal Hospital-Delhi, Blue Cross-Hyderabad, Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre ResQ- Pune, Streetdog watch -Kovalam, Posh foundation- Noida, Pets 101 Foundation-Chennai.
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