The joy dance…


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Golla, my Pomeranian is a happy-go-lucky dog. He is always full of mischief, running away with my slippers and eating up anything that’s within his reach, starting from chairs to tables, to cushions and even remote controls (once I found the ‘channel changing’ key missing from our TV remote). Otherwise, he disturbs the goldfishes in the aquarium routinely. And when he gets hungry, he follows my mother everywhere, until he gets some food.

But life took a turn when I brought home another puppy. My friend’s Labrador Retriever had a litter and I was excited to meet the pups. When I went there, I saw a couple of happy pups with their mom but what cought my heart was a frail, sad and lonely pup who was sitting in the corner. That particular pup was rejected by his mother and so was weak and sad. My heart cried for him and at that very instant, I decided to adopt him. I thought Golla would be happy to have company but as soon as he saw the little one, he ran for cover. He was frightened but the little one staggered around the room, sniffing and examining the whole new territory (while Golla spied from underneath the sofa!). The little pup even managed to oust Golla from his bed. Seeing his activities, my mom named him ‘Gunda’. Golla retreated to my room and refused food for a week. He stopped greeting me when I returned at home. I actually wondered if I had made a wrong decision to bring home a pup. We took Golla to the vet who informed us that he was depressed. I really felt bad for him and tried my best to help him.

And then a miracle happened. We were looking for Golla to feed him but he was nowhere to be found. My mom suggested to look for him on the roof. It was raining lightly and the wind was really strong. The rickety door to the roof was slightly open. Even though I knew Golla does not like to go on the roof, I opened the door to look for him. And what I saw brought tears to my eyes. In front of me were Golla and the little pup Gunda, dancing around each other in the rain. “Golla!” I called him, “come here, boy!” Golla leaped towards me, wagging his tail, and smiling. It was the smile, I haven’t seen for days. And behind him, like a running drunkard, came Gunda. They started dancing around me. And then, I did something that have not done for ages.

I danced in the rain too!