Summer Bummer: Cool Down with Your Pets!


Kamakshi Petveda
Dhruv Kumar
Summertime means beautiful sunny mornings, more outdoor activities, family vacations, and the perfect bonding time with your pets. But do you know keeping your furry companion outdoors for a long time without taking necessary precautions can cause severe skin allergies, ear infections, and even heat stroke?-by Kamakshi and Dhruv Kumar

Don’t let this summer be a bummer for your pets. Make it fun and enjoyable with these summer care tips.
Hydrate to keep cool
Dehydration is a common problem in pets during summer. While dogs spend most of their time playing outdoors, they get much thirstier than we do. If you see your pet drooling often, it is a sign of dehydration. Make sure that your pet has regular access to clean water inside the house and a separate water bottle when you plan your day outside. You might also switch to wet dog food during the warmar months to increase fluid intake. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on them while they are enjoying the outdoors. They need to have proper shade to rest; otherwise direct exposure to sunlight for a long time can overheat their body which leads to severe problems.
It’s criminal to leave them in car
Your pet getting excited for car rides is totally understandable. But it would be good if you take them for a ride during early morning or late evening, when the temperature is slightly less. Also never leave your pet alone in the car as heat stroke doesn’t even take 10 minutes to strike, inside a hot vehicle. Leaving your pets in your vehicle is not only dangerous but illegal in several countries across the globe. Not only this, if you ever happen to witness a pet stranded in a car, you should immediately try and find the owner of the car to get the pet out as soon as possible.
#Noshavesummer is a new attraction!
Most people think shaving their pet for summer is an apt solution to avoid overheating. But all our furry friends are gifted to keep themselves cool under the warm weather. You can trim their hair for easy maintenance during this season, but never completely shave the hair off. Make it a point to leave at least an inch of hair to protect them from sunburns and other skin diseases. Another important point is to not forget to groom them no matter what season it is.
‘Paw’dicure pampering
According to scientific research, pets start feeling hot from their paws and the heat travels upwards. Apply a cooling balm before your pet goes out for a walk in summer. Try and avoid taking them on hot surfaces like cement and asphalt, instead take them for a walk in mud or grass. These hot surfaces will burn their paws causing cracks and even infections. You can use a paw soothing butter to protect their paws against cracks and fungal infections, and to keep them soft and clean.
No gloom! Just well groomed
It is time you start believing in the superpower of regular grooming. With everyday brushing you can keep knots and matting at bay, keep an eye on ticks, fleas, abrasions, cuts, or other skin infections. In summer you can increase the bathing frequency of your pets to once a week. Make sure to only use a pet-friendly shampoo which is paraben free. During summer months pets tend to develop more body odour and since it’s not possible to bathe them every day, a deo spray is a good alternative. Choose an alcohol-free spray made with essential oils to keep your pet smelling fresh and improve their coat lustre. Spend more time indoors, bond over games and grooming sessions, and just enjoy a slow balmy summer with your pets to distress – delicious fruity treats, afternoon siesta, or a fun bath session.
(Kamakshi and Dhruv Kumar are founders of Petveda – an exclusive brand aimed at amalgamating pet care with the goodness of Ayurveda).
Bowled by Bingo—Our Cleopatra Puppy!

Meet Bingo – our Golden Retriever and find out how he claimed his throne in the house and won everyone’s heart with his puppy eyes.

Our Golden Retriever Bingo was a gift to our daughter, when we moved into our new house. She named him Bingo because at that time the nursery rhyme ‘BINGO’ was her favourite. He was a tiny golden furry, cuddle ball who would topple over himself while walking. From day one he fixed a pillow and a side of our bed he would sleep on. A couple of months older, he became super naughty, he chewed on all the chair and table legs, and everything else he could catch hold of. Every time we would be packing a suitcase, he would sense that we’ll be travelling and will leave him back home. So, what’s the best way to stop us—‘he’d jump inside the suitcase and wouldn’t move!’
First chair, then heart
There’s a reading chair in my room which has been Bingo’s favourite place to nap and rest. No matter how many times I scold him for sitting on the chair, he still comes and parks himself there every day. The funny thing is that if there is something kept on the chair, he just looks at my face with an expression in his eyes that ‘you need to move the stuff from my chair’.
Once a puppy, always a puppy
Bingo is still a little puppy at heart, you know how puppies involuntary pee when they’re excited or scared. He is an 11 years young puppy! He’s scared of all loud noises; not just crackers, he’s scared when there is thunder and lightning and ends up peeing at the sound of loud thunder. We all know that Retrievers are a very lovable breed but Bingo takes it a notch further. At times when we’re watching TV or reading a book he’ll just come next to our feet and start moving his head around, like asking us to cuddle him. It’s super fun when he has a bath! He’s such a golden blonde, he feels he’s looking so beautiful and cuddly after his bath and dry routine that he goes to everyone in the house to show off how beautiful he’s looking, that’s when I pet named him ‘Cleopatra’.
Our banana loving monkey!
Bingo’s morning starts with Dhruv feeding both him and our Beagle ‘Mischief’ a banana, which is put on the table along with the breakfast. If by mistake our cook forgets to put the banana, he’ll run to the kitchen and keeps barking at her till she doesn’t bring the banana. We feel he pretty much talks with his eyes—he can explain anything he wants but just looking at us and showing the direction of what he’s asking for. Unlike our Beagle who completely ignores me when I’m scolding him, Bingo will stand with his head hanging down and eyes looking up at me when I’m scolding him for doing something mischievous.
Super friendly with daughter
Bingo loves our daughter Janvi and any opportunity he gets he jumps into the bed with her and snuggles and sleeps in her comforter. He’s super friendly but doesn’t like outsiders petting, because he’s scared. Bingo only likes to be loved and cuddled by people he’s familiar with. His favourite outings are drives in the car, even if it is heading for vet. Sometime back he developed a habit that every evening he would start barking to go for a car drive, just a short ride around the colony could meet his demand. And if you say no to it, there was no calming for him. We’re glad to have Bingo shower his love and affection on us every day and teach us what compassion and loyalty truly means.