Sensational Sixteen!


The moment we saw our first issue of Dogs & Pups magazine – is truly unforgettable! The team with our Editor-in-Chief, Sparkle, got together in curating content for pet parents to love, take care, and become responsible pet parents backed by the Power of Knowledge. This editorial is dedicated to our Team & Sparkle who was and always will be our inspiration. Together we all have worked very hard and have faced a lot of challenges, to be a pet magazine in India 16 years back wasn’t easy, but thankfully, ever since we’ve spread our wings and chased our dreams and it has been an incredible journey of 16 sensational years.
A path of chance and choice! Our team happily started this journey with faith and resilience and if there was one thing that connected us together, it was ‘pets are family’. The unconditional love they give us, we must learn to love them more, cherish them more, and most importantly understand their needs more. The magazine has been carefully designed to deal with each and every aspect from our furry friends’ point of view. We all have put in so much passion to do our best and bring out a magazine which is truly close to our heart. We all have carefully collected data, information, content, designed it… and so much work which made it a passion project.
Each aspect of our dedication is so valuable – a big ‘Thank You’ to the team – we did this TOGETHER & Sparkle miss you FUREVER. Yet again we will keep innovating and challenging ourselves in these tough times to bring sparkle, joy and positivity in our readers’ life. For me, it also feels like my baby has turned sixteen, a celebration, turning point, transformation! Looking forward to new possibilities and opportunities and a bright future!

Celebrations & Awaiting our 100th Issue @ Jan – Feb 2021!

“We are celebrating the 16th Anniversary this year with lots of fun and woofs!” –Chandan
“Our magazine is a perfect place to find people who love dogs and cats, and share a common bond of passion and pet parenting.” –HC Pandey
“I am a born pet lover. My association has been for many years and I am happy to say that this is where my heart belongs. So, proud to be celebrating 16 years of togetherness.” –Jyaneswar
“Happy to meet wonderful people who dedicatedly love their pets, I put my heart in connecting the dots and ultimately together bringing out best information for pet parents, a fascinating journey,”  –Kajal
“Here we celebrate and support creative thinking with a collaborative work style. One of the best magazines for pets”  – Kajal Verma
“I’m glad to have got the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of India to meet new people who are so passionate about pets and are dedicated for overall welfare of furry buddies. It has been an amazing learning experience and hoping the future has great things for all of us!” –Karan
“What can be better for a pet parent to be writing about pets and getting paid for it? I still remember the first issue when my article was published, it was a surreal experience and as a reward I got a little treat for Romeo in the mail. A learning experience too, 16 years of wags and puppy eyes – cheers!” –Kritika
“Ever since my involvement in designing the magazine, I have felt connected and excited for every new issue. The beautiful world of our beloved pet companions has become a lot more interesting.” –Sanjeev Kandwal
“I have seen it growing and evolving into a wonderful magazine and gaining all the popularity, not just a magazine, but a constant source of happiness. You are a teacher to many pet lovers, you are, no doubt, a magazine to cherish love & care. You are Dogs & Pups.” –Surinder Kumar
Dogs & Pups has great content for pet lovers, which consists of interesting stories from India and abroad. It’s a privilege for me to be part of the team and quite excited to celebrate our 16th anniversary this year! –Sunita Arora
“I still remember the day when Shweta asked me to write about dogs for the magazine. I was perplexed because firstly, I was scared of dogs and secondly, till that time I was writing only about printing machines. She suggested that I should forget dogs while writing and think about my one year old son! The trick worked and I started enjoying writing about pets. The sixteen year journey with Dogs & Pups has been not only sweet but also life transforming.” – Varsha Verma

“I am constantly amazed and excited when we release a new issue of Dogs & Pups magazine because it gives me a chance to know a new idea and aspect of the pet world,”  –VN Kutty

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