Nutritional Bond of Trust Between Pup & Mother Dog


Mitu Paul
True that a little pup lights up our whole world but along with it comes the entire gamut of responsibilities and health risks of their nascent age. A healthy diet aims at longevity, robustness, immunity, palatability and digestive ease of a pup. by Mitu Paul
“A puppy is a child, with just more fur.” – Coco Chanel.
These young canine companions are a sight to behold and in no time, they establish an emotional bond with your entire household. However, as with a baby, puppies too are prone to both virus and infections for which a regimented vaccination schedule with the vet must be maintained along with a very well-crafted nutrition plan.
No. 1 Rule: Mommy Care
Let’s not forget the mother here. In comparison to other adult dogs, pregnant and lactating mothers need more energy and nutrition for themselves and also to feed her pups. Keeping them on a regular adult dog diet will not suffice. Ask your vet for special diets and pet foods to ensure they get all the required nutrients as malnutrition can lead to serious and irreversible health issues.

Good health starts with good ingredients
SENSE (Turkey and Salmon) puppy food is a holistic food solution for puppies of all breeds from 3 weeks up to 18 months of age. It will be assuring to know that Dibaq’s factories as well as their suppliers have received certifications from IFS (International Food Standards) and GLOBAL GAP. Both these certificates ascertain that they use 100% natural ingredients in their food.

The meat is premium quality, suitable for human consumption and devoid of any hormonal inducements. The fruits and vegetables used in the recipes are farm fresh and organically grown. Exotic prebiotics ease digestion and optimum doses of antioxidants to delay cell aging along with other health benefits are also used.

You gotta nourish to flourish
Dogs start to experience bone degeneration at an average age of 5 years, so it’s very important that they get complete nourishment in their puppy stage itself to delay such health hazards. SENSE puppy meal has fresh meats up to 56%, along with other vital ingredients. A special mention to the added dosage of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate which is a bone and ligament protector to support mobility.
Puppy meal should contain sufficient protein (>32%) for cerebral and vision development, spinal strengthening and tissue – coat growth in pups and increased energy for milk production and growth of fetus in nursing and pregnant dogs respectively. The fat percentage should be relatively higher to satisfy the demand of more calories in above three situations.

Sense Puppy meal is highly digestible to maximize nutrient intake from even small portion of meals. Increased levels of calcium and phosphorus ascertain better bone development in pups and milk production in nursing moms. More protein and presence of Essential Fatty Acids (EPA and DHA) helps in developing puppies’ nervous system, tissues, and vision. It’s an absolute must that pregnant dogs be on a puppy meal from their 30th day of pregnancy to until her puppies have finished weaning (approx. 6 – 7 weeks of age).

SENSE Puppy is also available in cans and is a complete mush food for puppies during weaning from 3 weeks of age till 18 months, and gestating or breastfeeding bitches.

Invest in love and nutrition
There is no bond deeper than the love of a mother for her child! But if that mother is depending on her pet parents for that nourishment, then we have to be more conscious about our choices for her diet. Never bring a pup home, if you aren’t prepared for it, because for that pup you become its tribe, FAMILY! Love is always expressed through care. With their tiny paws they walk into your lives and as a responsible pet parent you should provide them wholesome nutrition to make them strong, healthy, and happy dogs.

(Mitu Paul is Brand Head at Dibaq Pet Care India, subsidiary of Dibaq Pet Care, Segovia, Spain)