Emotional bonds—Protected with complete care!


Dr Sandeep Karkhanis
Dogs are not just pets, they are perceived to be members of the family. And, like any family member it is important to keep your companion animal healthy and free of parasites. True to this testament, Boehringer Ingelheim introduces NexGard to provide most comprehensive parasite treatment for dogs. 
Parasitic disease—A reason to panic!
Parasites represent a significant and increasing health concern to pets, their pet parents and families. A major concern is flea infestations, which can quickly get out of control because they lay eggs in exponentially large numbers. While infesting dogs, fleas and ticks have the potential either directly or indirectly transmit several potential illnesses to humans.

Regular parasite control a must
Given the growth of pet population in the country, it is crucial for pet parents to be aware and administer regular parasite control for their pets. Depending on region, season and lifestyle, the risk of parasitic disease can be high. The health implications associated with parasites can be serious, so regular treatment is more important than ever. Fleas are also responsible for transmitting the dog tapeworm – Dipylidium Caninum, to dogs and even humans. On the other hand, ticks can cause serious harm, including Lyme disease, paralysis, and anaemia. Responsible pet parasite control can help reduce the risks associated with transmission of parasitic diseases from pets to people. Our products aim to deliver complete care against parasites.

Global acceptance
NexGard has proven to be a safe and trusted protection against parasites in dogs and puppies. It is the flea and tick product to receive FDA approval for preventing infections that cause Lyme disease by killing the vector ticks. With its simple and easy treatment, it is well tolerated in dogs and puppies. The launch of NexGard is an accelerant to Boehringer’s journey to help its animal health segment become an industry leader.

Precaution & protection with palatability
As the oral ectoparasiticide for dogs, NexGard meets the need of pet parents to treat ecto parasites. Its novel molecule afoxolaner acts rapidly, inducing hyperexcitation and the death of ticks, fleas and mites. It begins to kill fleas even before they lay eggs, thus preventing subsequent infestation. In laboratory studies, the product showed 100 percent effectiveness against adult fleas 24 hr post infestation for 35 days, and demonstrated greater than 90 percent effectiveness against ticks, 48hr post infestation for 30 days.

Just a single chew
Available only on prescription, a single chew prevents and treats parasite infestations in dogs for a full month. The high palatability of the product simplifies administration in dogs as well as puppies, from as early as 8 weeks old and 2kg. The lives of animals and humans are interconnected in complex ways. Pets and pet parents share a meaningful and emotional bond, and it is an established fact that people with pets have better emotional health. This holds true especially during this tough phase of corona crisis.

(Dr Sandeep Karkhanis is Head of Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim India)