Precaution & Prevention in Times of Pandemic for Fantastic Grooming


Poorvi Anthony
The pandemic has driven everyone to the edge and thinking about our pets’ hygiene and more so. As we continue to effectively monitor the guidelines and information surrounding the corona crisis, our highest priority remains caring for pets and groomers and supporting pet parents who rely on our grooming facilities for their furry babies. -by Poorvi Anthony
Adaptation is a must to the changing needs brought on by the pandemic.
Prior appointment a necessity: Grooming should be done only by prior appointments so that we get enough time in between to thoroughly clean and disinfect the grooming area and tubs.
Change with the times: Use of digital payment methods like Google Pay, Paytm or online transfers.
Commitment to disinfect: Cash counters, grooming tables and tubs are wiped with disinfectants regularly for complete precaution & prevention.
Collar & leash for safety: We use our own collars and leashes on the dogs, keeping the clients’ collars and leashes in a separate bag.
Protection kits are essentials: Groomers to wear PPE kits/PPE aprons, headgear and gloves for total care.
One dog & one groomer: One pet groomer handles one dog at a time to avoid crowding.
Protocol on safety, hygiene & instruction: Pet parents to follow safety & hygiene measures and given instructions on grooming outside the salon.
Reminders all the time: We display posters promoting washing hand, wearing masks and gloves.
We as groomers understand the growing concern across the nation, and our hearts are with those who have been affected. We are working round the clock to make sure we provide the best service to keep our lovable pets healthy and safe.
(Poorvi Anthony is co-founder of Just Dogs, a pet retail chain of 25 pet spas across India. She is a certified theory and practical skills instructor, pet groomer, and pet services specialist from Vanity Fur Grooming Apprentice Program, Canada)