It’s Time for Unconditional Love


Time, affection, attention are some essential ingredients in raising a happy, healthy pet. The pandemic has come with many challenges, but heartening to see and feel pawsitivies too. Pet parenting is sure on the rise, desire for companionship has accelerated this growth of new pet parents and many households have also transformed to multiple pet homes. These trying times have ushered in new pet parents and the existing pet parents have become more vigilant about their furry darlings!.

According to different surveys and researches, pet parents felt an emotional support, having a pet ensured daily routines were followed, keeping in mind the pets’ needs—healthy routines were maintained too. Pets bring with them pawsitivity, laughter, love and so much more. Working from home has the advantage of having your favourite co-worker by your side and beside you. Always ready to give a helping paw, constantly staring at you for affection, attention or treats and happy to curl up beside you during the virtual meetings.
The disruptions have caused many changes in demeanour, energy levels, eating habits, activity, training, mental wellness, but having a pet around has been hope toward normalcy for many. Pet parents also face new challenges in getting back to their old routines which will come with managing adequate amount of separation anxiety.
Some pet parents share their experience. Deeti Chatterjee, a teacher by profession, says apart from the online classes she spends her entire time with her pet dog Gracie. Richa Porwal is enjoying spending maximum quality time with her furry baby and she feels that mom and son are having the best time ever. Nakhro Leeza’s morning starts with CASPER, her love who greets her with wet nose kisses and her day is spent together—eating, playing, napping and sleeping. She feels being a pet parent is the best feeling in the world. Utkarsh Saxena feels it is a wonderful opportunity to spend unlimited time with his furry souls and gets paid at the same time (work from home)—perfect for him, he feels.
During the pandemic, pets all around the world are providing companionship and consistency in these unprecedented times. For instance, London’s most beloved dogs from St John Ambulance therapy programme have resumed their roles bringing cheer to seniors, students, hospital patients and emergency dispatch workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic through virtual visits. A Golden Retriever called Sunny in Colorado helped his pet parent deliver groceries to a quarantined neighbour. There are many more instances of support, companionship, friendship & more.
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