The paw-excitement… lifetime to cherish


Our paw friends have a unique place in our hearts and lives. All those who have been blessed with a canine in any phase of life can remember their love and antics… all through their life…this love comes with a lifetime guarantee, right? We all can recall how exciting it was to see your puppy the first time…the pure bundle of joy, those tiny soft paws, the lil’ button nose, starry eyes and lil’ ears…all took your heart away.
The preparation for bringing home a puppy starts just like a newborn human baby in our families. The excitement is tremendous, the preparations beforehand and finally when this bundle of joy lands in your arms…the feeling is exhilarating. With excitement comes the feeling of how to take care of this tiny baby, how to take care of her, what if anything goes wrong and on and on… Slowly, she adjusts into your house and family. Every time she does something new, it is the talk of the house at dinner times.
Her first crazy antic, first vaccination- you are more scared than she is, taking her to the park and watching her sprint in happiness makes you jump with joy. The puppy’s first month, second month, third month are all milestones. You record everything that’s possible and even make that special album- where you put only your four legged darling’s pictures. Not to forget the first birthday where you do everything in your capacity to make it a special day for your furry angel, doing exactly the things they like: a sprint in the sea, a run in the garden, favourite beef and liver treats, etc. Every birthday thereafter is special, your holidays revolve around the dog-friendly places and your friend circle includes pet-friendly people. Yes, you are the new breed of pet parents who take up parenting responsibly.
But all is not fun n’ frolic in responsible pet parenting. With pets come a lot of responsibility and when our furry friends become old and weak, they look back upon us for care and attention and this is the time, when we need to be a true pet parent…love and care for them in their silver days because no love is so pure as the love you share with her. Time and again, we have come across incidents when people have gone an extra mile for the love of their pets. A man in Shillong drove 3000 km to Chennai to get his pet dog treated for epilepsy. This is just one incident, there are many many more.