Namaste@Ninety Nine—Celebrating 99th Issue!


ur team is very happy to bring you our Special 99th Issue where we have always celebrated LOVE which is Unconditional, Timeless & True. And as we rocket towards January-February 2021 issue—our Century (100th) Issue, to mark these two special editions we bring to you a series of articles with 50 ways to love and behold in the 99th Issue and 50 more ways to love and behold in our next Century (100th) Issue. Follow Train & Gain 50 Amazing Training Tips for Your Playful Pooch and Breathtaking Benefits of Grooming with 50 more tips for each in the next issue.

The article Incredible Gems of India is about celebrating our gorgeous and magnificent breeds of Indian origin who need awareness and need to be cherished to ensure they have a long way to go to carry the rich heritage of our country.

It’s time to sniff our pawsitives with our pets and celebrate their presence in our lives, explore the article Celebrations Galore—Fun Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pets and enjoy simple pleasures of life–and keep safe during these testing and trying time.

What’s also exciting and fabulous is the US President-elect Joe Biden’s pet Major, a German Shepherd, was adopted in 2018 and will be the first rescued dog who gets to live in the White House. His partner in this powerful position is Champ—the other German Shepherd. The family also plans to adopt a cat as reports state—simply pawfect Power Pets and soon to be Presidential Pets. Sniff the article Mr Presidents & Their Presidential Pooches.

This also signifies the power and importance to ADOPT and not SHOP, something which we believe from our heart, hope we all can follow.

It’s a refreshing thought that 2020 will soon be over and as we all step into 2021 with new dreams, hopes, magic, serendipity and more—wishing, hoping and praying that the turmoil and trauma of 2020 will be a thing of the past soon. A year we all will never forget, a year which made us grateful for our basics and a year in which unconditional love given to us by our paw buddies was and is an anchor for many.

The presence of our pets in our lives gave us hope, a routine, sense of wellbeing and wellness. For many it is our pets who motivated us to take care of them and take care of ourselves too. Adhering to routines, discipline, workouts, all became pawssible because of our precious paws. They showed us that hope is pawssible.

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Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year…sprinkling magic in each and every moment of yours!