Pandemic and My Beautiful ‘Beauty’


Dr R Jayashree
You can block love in 99 ways, but in that one powerful way it’ll outshine. Here’s a story of little fur-ball called Beauty whose presence on our premises subsided our pandemic blues. She just walked into my life and left footprints on my heart. –by Dr R Jayashree

While the world was struggling in its own ways during the pandemic, we were blessed with Beauty in lockdown. Beauty – our furry friend made our lockdown full with happiness and we understood the meaning of affection and unconditional love from her.
The little rice that I had kept for crows was relished by Beauty. That was the first day we met her and ever since it has been a happy journey. Morning ritual involves opening the backdoor of the house and spotting Beauty walking with soft steps towards the yard. She looks so slender with her abdomen tucked and flaunting the black and grey patches like victory badges over her soft white coat. The round black patches make her look like a fashionista in leopard skin! Biscuits, idli, dosa… she relished it all.
Beauty – our little warrior
Beauty is a true survivor. Last year she was attacked by a bunch of rogues when she was on heat and her vision is a challenge too. However, all our theories were proved wrong when we saw her chasing birds, we found her jumping around frogs, her joie de vivre was conjured.
Pampering her with love & treats
On the second lockdown, to our dismay Beauty disappeared for 48 hours. One of our neighbours told us that Beauty has littered in the bush and shrill sounds of puppies can be heard from the far corner. We were so happy to see Beauty become a mom! Unfortunately, the pups were weak and died. Beauty came back to us for comfort & treats.
Grateful for her love & loyalty
By the third lockdown she became a lot healthier and had a radiant coat and smooth skin thanks to all the nourishment and love she was getting. She had a tucked up abdomen and characteristic rhythmic walking style of a Mudhol Hound—the pride of Karnataka.
There is no doubt on her love and loyalty. And sticking to the new normal, she maintains social distance and enjoys her treat from far away!
Beauty indeed made our lockdown beautiful and we are grateful for her love and affection.
(Dr R Jayashree, MV Sc, PhD, is Associate Professor at Veterinary College, Shimoga, Karnataka.)