Beautiful Burmese

Good looks, steady and affectionate nature, a quiet voice and a willingness to please… that’s how a Burmese is…a wonderful pet for people of all ages, especially children. If you are thinking of adding a cat to your family, consider a gregarious, extremely lovable and intelligent Burmese.

Blondie, my cream Burmese, fetches and retrieves her toy mice on command. Suki, a brown Burmese, sailed around the world with her owner on his ocean-going yacht. What’s more? Burmese enjoys rides in cars, boats and wheelbarrows. They can even walk on a leash and can be taught tricks as well. No wonder then that Burmese is the most popular cat breed in Australia.

Sensational Burmese…

Burmese are medium-sized, muscular, but surprisingly, heavy for their size. They have expressive eyes, golden in colour, and have a sweetheart shaped face. Their coat feels like satin to touch. The Burmese breed comes in 10 colours: brown, chocolate, blue, lilac, red, cream, brown tortoiseshell, chocolate tortoiseshell, lilac-cream (tortoiseshell) and blue-cream (tortoiseshell).

An ideal pet…

Burmese are noted for their friendliness and self-confidence, making them a much sought after pet. In fact, they are the Peter Pan of the cat world, who refuse to grow up. They play tricks, share a joke, fetch and retrieve as well all their lives, not just as kittens. They are lapcats and would love to sit in your laps. They would follow you from room to room and if given an opportunity, would even sleep in the same bed.

Adds joy to your life…

They are party animals – looking to play and party at every opportunity. Life is never dull or boring with a Burmese. They are instant entertainment for your family, friends, and guests. In fact, the lovable Burmese turns a house into a home.

(The author runs House of Burmese in Australia)